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Basketball Scouting Resources
Recursos del Scouting del Baloncesto

Mike Allen Sports Basketball Scouting Services


Our focus is to provide athletes we work with to realistically find the right place to continue their career at the NEXT level. We build relationships with college coaches and colleges who are looking for players that work hard in the classroom, skilled fundamentally, have high character, positive examples in the community, and are great teammates.

Mike Allen Sports Basketball Scouting will help players/parents contact college coaches that are looking for quality players for their college basketball program.

We are very familiar with the process and hold players accountable academically, remain focused and work hard on and off the court.  There may not be many scholarship opportunities available every year but there are tons of colleges at the NEXT LEVEL that are looking for the right player to fit their college program. We work with all levels of colleges – NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA Junior Colleges, Bible Colleges & Christian Colleges.

College Basketball Recruiters rely on individualized scouting reports to save them time and money in their ongoing search for athletic talent. We are in contact with them weekly as they request specific parameters to fill specific needs. If you would like us to mentor, develop, and walk with you or someone you know, contact us.

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Are you an accomplished varsity athlete?
Do you want to continue to compete at the college level?
Do you know what it takes and what you MUST DO to be seen by college coaches?
Are you being UNDER recruited?
How many college programs have contacted you?
Do you have direct access to college coaches?
Have you built a QUALITY skills tape?
Do you know how to navigate the recruiting process?
Are you in the NCAA eligibility center?
Do you get good grades?

Our Mission

“Mike Allen Sports Basketball Scouting Services will endeavor to keep quality students athletes from falling through the cracks by purposefully scouting and evaluating talent and by matching those students with college sport programs as appropriate.”


Scouting Reports
Athlete Profiles
Recruiting Videos
Skills Tapes
Travel Basketball Club
Recruiting Consulting
NCAA Certified Tournaments
Skills & Technique Coaching
Measure, Test, & Time
Recruiting Email Accounts
College Coaches Contact Lists
Family Consultations

Website: Mike Allen Sports Basketball Scouting Services

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Basketball Scouting Resources
Recursos del Scouting del Baloncesto

MyScouTube is a FREE NEW Scouting Networking Service !

Good day sports family.
I am reaching out to all coaches, scouts, agents and athletes for your support in launching my new website MyScouTube Inc.: My-Scout-Tube.

Registration and Membership is Free!! After you create your profile , upload your video's, and other information your personal Sports Profile page (MyPage) comes to life. Athletes can then send potential scouts or coaches to view their video’s and profile on this site.

Building an “Open Network Database” for
Athletes, Coaches, Scouts, Agents, and Sports Business Professionals

At MyScouTube Inc. we recognize that being “Discovered” is one of the most difficult challenges for an athlete. The very elite athletes will undoubtedly be discovered, but for the remaining 90+% this can become a tedious task.

MyScouTube is a FREE Scouting Networking service. Our ambition is to showcase the athlete’s strengths and ambition through video and profile in a “Sports Minded” social networking environment that unites Scouts, Agents, Coaches, and Athletes.


Scouts, Agents, and Coaches are spending more time doing analysis of prospective recruits via Video instead of watching players in person.
Other sites charge up to $300.00+ for Athletes to access and networking with Coaches, Scouts, Agents, and Sports Business Professionals.


Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

This SALE promotion IS ONGOING !



MyScouTube adds a personal sports and academic profile to your YouTube video.
Registration is Free!!
THIS site would allow open networking between Scouts/Coaches/Agents and Athletes through early video analysis, Events calendar.

MyScouTube is a FREE Scouting Networking service. Our ambition is to showcase the athlete’s strengths and ambition through video and profile in a “Sports Minded” social networking environment that unites Scouts, Agents, Coaches, and Athletes. In this photograph from MyScouTube presented by #eBAStatsGroup #BasketballStatistics Analysis .

Each Prospective member will have his/her personal page called MyPage. On this page your Profile information, Video’s, Events, website links, and personal announcement are posted. Other members can then view this information on  your MyPage and provide constructive suggestions or contact you via “email”.

Other features:

Invite/Email -This feature allows you to Invite  Scouts/Coaches/Agents to view your MyPage, Profile, watch your video or attend your sporting Event.

MyAdviser - Use your MyAdviser to ask other members for advice to further your athletic career.

Groups/MyConnects - Use MyGroup to create group types that describes your affiliation, find favorite member and network.

Team Registration

As a team manager, administrator or coach you may register your entire team. As an administrator of the team you act on behalf of each player and pass on relevant information. Players of your team will have an individual membership and can link their membership(s) to the team.

Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

Please remember :

a. To log back in after you receive your password to complete your profile and upload your video.

b.  When filling out your "MyProfile  to check the “share” boxes to display the desired information to other members of MyScouTube.

Thank you in advance for your support!!!


Carlton Wilson

MyScouTube Team

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Basketball Scouting Resources
Recursos del Scouting del Baloncesto

Scouting / Talent Search - Basketball Network

Basketball Network provides a cost effective scouting service for agents and teams by systematically evaluating prospective players from Europe and North America. Our main focus is to meet client needs by delivering the best available talent. Basketball Network team members are former basketball players with both professional and college playing experience.

We provide Talent Search to agents/agencies, coaches and teams. After the client has clearly defined the target player profile, our team begins scouting for potential prospects. Generally the talent search service takes up to two weeks, but it can vary depending on your request. After the two-week period, we provide you with the Talent Search scouting report.


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Visit our website for more information:

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Game Center

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Basketball Scouting Resources
Recursos del Scouting del Baloncesto

FIBA - Game Center unveiled,
offers complete statistics and profiles for more than 60 leagues

Few would argue that basketball has become one of the world’s most global sports.

Players move around more, scouts and coaches recruit from an ever increasing geographic pool of players, and of course fans can now watch and follow leagues and games all over the world from the comfort of their living-room or office.

But until now following the world’s top leagues and monitoring the very best players in the world has meant navigating through hundreds of websites in a multitude of languages.

With the launch of’s new Game Center (, this will no longer be the case.

Offering game previews, results and box scores, updated standings, accumulated statistics and player profiles from over 60 national and international leagues worldwide, the Game Center is a game changer.

Your favourite NBA team drafted Greece’s top talent last summer but is staying on for one last season in Europe?

You can keep tabs Kostas Papanikolaou’s progress at Olympiacos before he travels stateside next year to play for the Knicks.

You are a Spanish-based journalist writing a story about Barcelona's upcoming Euroleague game with Turkish side Besiktas and you want to know a little more about your future opponents?

You can see how Besiktas’ form is in the Turkish Basketball League, which players are likely to cause your team trouble. You can check their Euroleague form against that of Barcelona, and discover that their low post play is less likely to cause you trouble than their perimeter play.

Wonder where that impressive Argentinian FIBA U17 World Championship top scorer is playing and whether he is getting much game time?

You can find out by looking up Gabriel Deck on the player search page and find a complete player profile as well as stats on each of the games he has played for Quimsa Santiago Del Estero in Argentina’s top division.

The list of leagues of course includes the NBA, the Euroleague and Euroleague Women, the Liga Sudamericana, the ASEAN Basketball League all major European national leagues, Argentina’s Lega A, China’s CBA, the Australian/New Zealand NBL but also leagues from less prominent basketball countries such as Iceland and even Hungary’s top women’s league with more to be added soon.


Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

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Whether you are a coach, a scout, a journalist or just a diehard basketball stats fan, the Game Center offers all the information you are looking for in one convenient place.


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Scouting: Where mass tryouts could hurt a good thing
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Basketball Scouting Resources
Recursos del Scouting del Baloncesto

Where mass tryouts could hurt a good thing

When it leaked out earlier this month that Chauncey Billups would be replacing Jason Kidd as the sage old veteran on the 2010-12 USA Basketball Men’s National Team heading into the 2010 World Championships, I as both a Nuggets fan and a basketball fan was ecstatic. My thinking was: who better to replace Kidd than a former NBA Finals MVP who has appeared in seven consecutive conference finals? And, what a nice way for Billups to cap off a terrific basketball career.

In agreement with my sentiments, the Denver Post dedicated an article to the announcement. We put up a post about it at Denver Stiffs. A number of readers wrote their own FanPosts about it. And Billups was recently honored before a Nuggets home game by a representative from Team USA with a pin of some sort.

This would all be fine and good if Billups were actually on the team.

Digging a little deeper into the story, it turns out that Billups hasn’t made the Team USA roster in any shape or form. He simply – along with 26 other outstanding NBA players – has been invited to try out for the team during a minicamp in Las Vegas from July 22-25th. (Give Team USA credit, they always do their try outs in Vegas, baby…talk about guaranteeing a full, if a bit hungover, head count.)

This unnecessary charade has gone unnoticed during the recent hullabaloo over who’s making the All-Star team, the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement nearing on the horizon and a refreshingly active NBA trade deadline. But trust me, having 27 All-Star caliber players competing for 12 Team USA roster spots is completely unnecessary and perplexing considering how well Team USA has been operated lately.

In 2005, former Phoenix Suns Chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo took over a Team USA basketball program that current NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson had successfully run into the ground. After years of lazily scrapping together men’s squads, our national team was lucky to have won the gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, were humiliated with a sixth-place finish at the 2002 World Championships (which took place in Indianapolis of all places) and finished with an embarrassing bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Colangelo rightly came in with a mantra that there would no longer be a haphazard, year-by-year approach to building the men’s team. Under Colangelo’s reign, the plan was for Team USA to be comprised of players who give a long term, multi-tournament commitment like we’ve seen with other successful national basketball programs in Argentina and Spain. By having one consistent national team that swaps in a few players here and there as players get hurt, old or retire, not only would the returning players be comfortable playing together, but younger players could get worked into the system slowly while the organization doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every few years.

After Team USA secured a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, their first first-place finish in major international competition in eight years, it was evident that Colangelo’s plan worked. Of the 12 players on the 2008 Olympic roster, six had played together on the 2006 World Championship team that finished with a bronze and eight had played together on the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship team that dominated that tournament. So entering Beijing, having over half the roster intimately familiar with each other’s games was a clear advantage for Team USA. And yet even with their newfound cohesiveness, Team USA barely beat Spain in the gold medal game. In other words, the rest of the basketball world is still breathing down our neck…even when we do things the right way.

Having been through such a rewarding and fulfilling experience, nine players from the gold medal winning roster want in for the 2010 World Championships (to be played this summer in Turkey), the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship and the 2012 London Olympic Games. Nine. So why are 27 players, including those who have given up three out of their last four summers, trying out? Don’t we already have a national team?

First off, the nine who have made the commitment to "try out" again should get automatic roster spots. Colangelo has gone on record saying "special recognition and acknowledgment needs to go to the nine players returning from our 2008 Olympic Team." Special recognition and acknowledgment? These players have sacrificed their careers at the risk of a major injury for two-to-three offseasons and all they get is "special recognition" and a try out? Sorry, Jerry, but that’s not good enough.

Secondly, why would someone of Billups’ caliber and experience be asked to try out alongside the likes of O.J. Mayo, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook? Future great players all, but they’ve done nothing for the sport to date. If memory serves, Kidd wasn’t asked to try out but instead was given an invite to join the 2007 FIBA team. The same courtesy should be afforded to veterans like Billups who want to play.

Thirdly, the massive try outs should be held only for the remaining open spots plus two alternate spots after returning players plus a veteran spot gets filled. In this year’s case, there would in theory be two open spots, plus two alternate spots in case of injury. In future years, maybe there will be four or five open spots pending the offseason commitments and health of returning players.

I guess what I’m saying is, for the first time in almost a decade USA Basketball isn’t broken, so why fix it? It’s not like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Deron Williams (over 50% of the past Olympics roster and presumed to be comprising the next Olympics roster) are aging veterans. And given the shape Kobe Bryant and Carlos Boozer – the other two returnees from The Redeem Team – are in, they’re the perfect veteran counterparts for the younger players who, frankly, aren’t that young anymore. Why risk insulting these exceptional players – and a classy veteran like Billups – by making them try out for the national team?

To Mr. Colangelo: keep it simple. Bring back the nine players who won us the gold in Beijing and want to participate again, add one invited veteran and let the youngsters like Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay and Danny Granger duke it out for the remaining two spots plus two alternate spots.

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This way, no one gets embarrassed, no one gets insulted, no one’s time is wasted and, perhaps most importantly, a group of players that have already experienced success together can do so again. It’s the USA’s best way forward to remaining atop the international basketball world.


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