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World Sports  Events • Eventos Deportivos Mundiales

OLY - The twenty-four musketeers

LONDON (Olympics) - "All for one and one for all" might as well be the rallying cry for the French these days.

At the London Games, the country's basketball teams have been visibly supportive of each other at games.

The men show up to watch the women - even when it's the dreaded 9am start as was the case on Wednesday.

Instead of an extra two hours in bed, the men awoke and cheered on their compatriots.

"It was wonderful," said France's Emilie Gomis, who high-fived the men with her teammates as they walked off the court following their 64-60 triumph over Canada.

"We weren't expecting them to be here at all today.

"Honestly we are not two teams, we are one team.

"It's the first time we are sharing moments like these.

"We want to savor it a 100%.

"It's something very rare, our leagues are separate and with each on their own side."

One of the centers on the French men's team is Ronny Turiaf, who hails from the Eastern Caribbean island of Martinique - an overseas region of France.

Turiaf and Tony Parker have not just been to watch the women play in London, but other French athletes.

On Monday, they watched French swimmers.

"We just stick with each other because want everybody to succeed,” Turiaf said.

"We know many of them. We went to high school together (in France), Sandrine Gruda - she's from my island. We all know each other since we were like 14 years old.

"It's a pretty cool thing."

All the French athletes see each other in the Olympic Village.

The French basketball teams live in the same building, with the women one floor higher.

"We go all the together to the Club France,” said France center Emmeline Ndongue.

"Some of the girls were with them in (French sports academy) INSEP.

"But even with the other sports (in the Village), we're friends.”

There is a lot of encouragement being offered from all French athletes, Ndongue says.

"We were walking to the bus and everyone was like, 'Okay, have a good game' and I was like 'Thank you, thank you' (laughs),” Ndongue said.

"Some of these people are gold medalists, and they say, 'We're going to be watching you.' And I'm like, 'You're going to be watching me, for real? We know that when we go back to the Village, they'll be proud of us. It's a big feeling."

Gomis has enjoyed the camaraderie so much that she's hopeful the French Basketball Federation has taken notice.

The 28-year-old said: "We don't have the chance to do training camps like this together during the summer, although it's possible; a message maybe to our federation.

"We are getting to know them, which is very enjoyable and having support like theirs it does us a lot of good.

"It's honestly an extra motivation."

Solidarity is not exclusive to the French.

Australia big man Matt Nielsen, who is playing in his third Olympics, said: “Our Australian Olympic team is always close together and I think we've always had a close bond.

“It is good having the support and you try to support the other teams. That part is great and it's what is really special about the Australians at the Olympics.”

Belinda Snell, who hit the most amazing shot of the Olympics so far for the Opals, a game-tying shot from beyond half-court that forced overtime against France, said: “If we cross paths with them, they’re very encouraging. We’re very supportive of each other.

“It’s a fun atmosphere, but obviously we’re here to focus on basketball. They focus, we focus, but it’s a fun atmosphere.

“It definitely helps when they come out and support us.”

Russia’s men have come out to watch the women play, too.

Evgeniya Belyakova, the sharpshooter in the women’s team, said: “This is very important to support each other, but if they can’t come to the game, it’s no big deal.

“Every bit of support helps. And I love men’s basketball, so I like to go and watch them play. I loved watching them play against Great Britain and they played so well, too. That makes our spirits much better.”

The USA men and women are not staying in the Olympic Village yet are in the same hotel and at past Olympics have watched each other’s games.


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World Sports  Events • Eventos Deportivos Mundiales

OLY – Games about to commence

The dreams of a select group of basketball players from around the world are about to be realized.

The Olympics are about to tip off in London, England, with 12 teams competing in both the men's and women's tournaments.

There will be 144 players in the women’s tournament and 144 in the men’s.

There will be first-time Olympians, and players that have competed at the Summer Games before.

The tournaments will be held at the Olympic Basketball Arena in Stratford, where 12,000 spectators will be able to watch.

Hundreds of millions of viewers will also tune in from around the world to see the action on television or listed on the radio.

OLY – Games about to commence ! ~ The Olympics are about to tip off in London !

Once the men's tournament, which gets underway on Sunday, reaches the Quarter-Finals, the games will be played at the North Greenwich Arena (formerly O2 Arena and Millennium Dome).

The women's tournament, which begins on Saturday, will shift to the North Greenwich Arena for the Semi-Final stages.

As always is the case at Olympic Games, there will be plenty of drama.

The one question that everyone is asking is this: Can any national side upset the powerhouse country in basketball, the men’s and women’s teams of the United States?

Both teams are showing up in London looking to defend titles won in Beijing four years ago.

Neither side lost a game in China.

The USA women, who are led at an Olympics for the first time by coach Geno Auriemma, are seeking a fifth consecutive gold medal triumph.

Since the 1976 Games in Montreal, when women's basketball became an Olympic sport, the Americans have captured six of a possible nine gold medals.

Dating back to 1936, when men's basketball became an Olympic sport, the United States have captured 13 of a possible 17 gold medals.

The American women haven't tasted defeat at an Olympics since their 79-73 setback to the Commonwealth of Independent States in the Semi-Finals of the 1992 Games.

The men haven't lost since their 89-81 defeat to Argentina in the Semi-Finals of the 2004 Olympics.

Under current coach Mike Krzyzewski, in fact, the Americans haven't lost since their 101-95 defeat to Greece in the Semi-Finals of the 2006 FIBA World Championship.

The USA players on both teams know there are hurdles to clear if they are to reach the top of the podium in London.

In the men's tournament, Argentina and Brazil will pose significant threats to the United States along with two-time defending European champions Spain.

France, Russia, Lithuania, China, Tunisia, Nigeria, Australia and Great Britain complete the field.

The USA women will be wary of the Czech Republic – the side they beat in the Final of the 2010 FIBA World Championship – along with Turkey, Australia, France and Russia.

Hosts Great Britain have also played to rave reviews this summer.

Croatia, Angola, Brazil, Canada and China complete the women's field.

The first time the Olympics were staged in London, the USA men claimed gold.

Let the Games begin.


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World Sports  Events • Eventos Deportivos Mundiales

Curso Superior de Técnico en Musculación
Profesor Horacio Anselmi
Profesor Carlos Alberto Núñez

Inicio: Miércoles 24 de agosto de 2011
Duración: De agosto a diciembre
Horario: Todos los miércoles de 21:00 a 23:00 horas
- 2 fines de semana intensivos con Horacio Anselmi
Carga horaria: 90 horas cátedra (60 horas reloj)
Organización y lugar de realización:
Gimnasio Marathón

Calle 69 Nº 568 e/ 6 y 7
(1900) La Plata
Provincia de Buenos Aires
República Argentina
Telefax: 0221 - 423 2168
Celular: 0221 - 15 420 2150


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World Sports  Events • Eventos Deportivos Mundiales


18, 19 y 20 de Septiembre del 2010. Villa Carlos Paz - Córdoba - Argentina

Estructura del Congreso:
1º- Conferencia principal: Prof. Almir Adolfo Gruhn - Presidente Mundial de la FIEP - Brasil

Los Temas Libres o Ponencias a exponer serán de comunicaciones ORALES y PANELES / POSTERS - Fecha Máxima de presentación del Resumen será el 18 de Agosto de 2010, no deberán exceder las 400 palabras y sin gráficos.

3º - Cursos: Todos los cursos serán de 3 días de 3 horas de duración cada uno.4 cursos por la mañana serán de 09.00 a 12.00 hs. y 4 por la tarde de 14.00 a 17.00 hs. solo podrá elegir uno en cada horario.

De 09.00 a 12.00 hs.
1 - EVALUACION ESCOLAR - Domingo Blazquez Sanchez - Barcelona - España
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
2 - VIDA EN LA NATURALEZA - Franklin Castillo - Talca - Chile
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
3 - JUEGOS MOTORES CON PELOTAS - Alejandro Orbelli - Calchaquí - Santa Fé - Argentina
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
4 - EDUCACION FISICA PARA ESPECIALES - Jorge Gerboni - Santa Fé - Argentina
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
De 14.00 a 17.00 hs.
5 - EDUCACION FISICA TRANSVERSAL -Héctor Peralta Berberí - Bogota - Colombia
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
6 - RECREACION ESCOLAR Y SOCIAL - Luciano Mercado - Córdoba - Argentina
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
7 - DEPORTE ESCOLAR - Fernando Bianco y Fernando Musina - Córdoba - Argentina
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
8 - CORDOBA FITNESS FIEP - Gerardo Calderón y Andrés Piquillem - Córdoba y San Luis - Argentina
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso: Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
15, 16 y 17 de Septiembre del 2010 - Villa Carlos Paz - Córdoba - Argentina
"ENSEÑAR POR COMPETENCIAS EN EDUCACION FISICA" - Domingo Blázquez Sánchez - Barcelona - España
Duración 20 hs. De 9 a 13 hs. y de 15 a 19 hs. -
Visite y conozca al Prof. del Curso:
- Participación: Profesores, Maestros y Estudiantes de Educación Física. Maestros de Alumnos Especiales, Maestras Jardineras, Educadores en General y otros profesionales afines.

Más Informes e Inscripción en LA PAGINA WEB DEL CONGRESO: (en construccion)

Prof. Dr. Jorge Diaz Otañez
Delegado Nacional FIEP en Argentina
Vicepresidente FIEP para Sudamérica

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1er Congreso Nacional de Ciencias Aplicadas a la Actividad Física
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World Sports  Events • Eventos Deportivos Mundiales

1er Congreso Nacional de Ciencias Aplicadas a la Actividad Física

Facultad de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación de la Universidad Veracruzana

26-28 de Mayo/ 2010

Boca del Río, Veracruz. México.

Informes= Facultad de Educación Física Deporte y Recreación - Veracruz

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