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Weekend eBA Basketball Magazine:

Tony Parker, President

George Eddy's International Show
There was amazing news last week in the French basketball community with Tony Parker announcing he will become the majority shareholder and president of the Lyon-Villeurbanne (ASVEL) club at the end of the present season!

This move was expected to come at the end of his playing career, but Tony wants things to advance more quickly and he considers that the time is ripe in French basketball right now, thanks to the buzz created by the national
team winning its first-ever Eurobasket crown.

Parker was already a minority shareholder since 2009 and vice-president with power of decision concerning all recruiting matters, but he wants to go a step further by investing more of his own money, attracting new sponsors (perhaps his Chinese shoe partner PEAK?) to increase the club's budget and ambitions, and having power of decision over ALL matters.

This announcement took many by surprise because it's extremely rare to see an active NBA star player take on so much responsibility at such a young age. But throughout his whole career, Tony has always been incredibly precocious and thoughtful about his business decisions.

A few years back, Kobe Bryant was a minority shareholder in Milano, but he was never president!

Parker hopes to rekindle stalled talks with local political leaders about a new arena project that's been bogged down for years. This would enable the ASVEL team to envision a Euroleague participation in then next two to three years (Lyon-Villeurbanne was the last French club to qualify for a Euroleague Final Four back in 1997).

This news comes on the heels of recent and persistent rumours concerning the takeover of the Paris-Levallois club by the Paris Saint-Germain football club with a doubling of their budget and an Euroleague wild card in an even shorter time frame.

Paris Saint-Germain already owns the Paris team handball club and would like to create a world-renowned omnisports club like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Please, Refresh this Page Once to Load all the Previews, Photographs or the Videos !

This is music to the ears of a lot of French basketball fans who feel that their pro league lacks big-budget teams as locomotives for media buzz and the possibility to compete with other European heavy-hitters in the Euroleague.

In a summer filled with bizarre NBA stories ranging from Steve Nash joining a rival and no one really caring to JaVale McGee throwing burrito parties for one person, the fact that Tony Parker’s eye got cut up during a Chris Brown-Drake fight at a NYC night club might be the strangest. The fact that he then had to play the entire Olympics wearing thick black-framed glasses really pushed things over the edge. In this photograph from The Score presented by #eBAStatsGroup #BasketballStatistics Analysis .
Photograph: The Score

The French Pro A has the advantage of being well-run financially and all the contending teams have similar budgets and pay their players on a regular basis, which is already saying a lot. Each season seems to crown a new champion and this season, 11 clubs are still in the fight for the eight playoff spots.

All the games are athletic, competitive and difficult to predict but this differs considerably with the French league in the 1980s and 1990s, when three or four teams dominated the competition and also won several prestigious European Cups, notably CSP Limoges, a club which is in first place this season for the first time since 1994.

A new pecking order would be established with big population centres in Paris and Lyon and possibly Strasbourg leading the way and clubs like Limoges from smaller towns would bite at their heels thanks to a faithful fan-base and regional sponsors and partners.

If everything goes according to plan, this would lift the entire league to a higher level through competitive emulation.

Many observers felt that Parker would join forces with Paris, backed by money from Qatar, after being frustrated by the slow progress in Lyon. But Tony is going to compete with Paris, a team he played for at the age of 18 and which he and his agent were part owners of 10 years ago.

The current coach in Lyon, Pierre Vincent, who was hand-picked by Tony in 2011, says that things will take time because Lyon has had big budgets before without dominating the league. He sees Tony applying the management priciples he learned in San Antonio: concentrating on wise and efficient spending, inventive recruiting and the formation of young players as priorities.

In a recent survey in France's leading sports newspaper L'Equipe, Parker was designated as the highest-paid French sports figure. It was the first time ever that a basketball star finished in front of all the football stars.

That Tony would want to invest his money in France where he grew up has made him even more popular.

After being selected as 2013 Sportsman of the Year in France and working miracles on the court throughout his career, it's only fitting that Tony would be the one to try and work another miracle by putting a French club back on top among the elite of European basketball.

George Eddy from FIBA

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European Basketball News, Stories, Tournaments & Events • Noticias, Torneos & Eventos del Baloncesto en Europa

U18 European Championship offering
loads of intriguing names

David Hein's Eye on the Future
Ah, what a great time of the year. The 2013 FIBA U19 World Championship is still fresh in our minds, the 2013 U20 European Championship has reached the Quarter-Final stage, and both the 2013 FIBA U19 World Championship for Women and 2013 U18 European Championship tipped off last Thursday.

And man, oh, man is the U18 European Championship loaded with great talent. Here is a run-down of some of the more intriguing names in Latvia.
Looking solely at the names, it's impossible to miss Domantas Sabonis - yes, the 17-year-old son of the legendary Arvydas Sabonis. And the 2.05m center, who is plying his trade in the youth leagues of Spain, goes into the Latvia tournament after a strong showing last summer at the U16 European Championship, where he averaged 14.1 points, 14.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.6 blocks.

Lithuania are not expected to challenge for the title, despite taking silver at the U18s last summer as Lithuania do not usually push their players during the summer and the 1995 class is not that strong - though Sabonis is actually a 1996-born emerging star.

More indicative of which teams should contend than last summer's U18 European Championship was the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship where Croatia took bronze, Spain finished fourth and the Czech Republic were eighth - one spot ahead of hosts Lithuania.

Croatia may not have their superstar from the age group - Mario Hezonja - but they do have three players who teamed with Dario Saric at the 2013 FIBA U19 World Championship - Tomislav Gabric, Josip Gulam and Domagoj Bosnjak - not to mention 1996-born stud Marko Arapovic, the Zganec twins Karlo and Bruno...

Please, Refresh this Page Once to Load all the Previews, Photographs or the Videos ! well as perhaps the next Croatian superstar-in-the-making, 1997-born small forward Lovro Mazalin, who collected 15 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.1 assists at the U16 European Championship last summer.

Croatia may not have their superstar from the age group - Mario Hezonja - but they do have three players who teamed with Dario Saric at the 2013 FIBA U19 World Championship - Tomislav Gabric, Josip Gulam and Domagoj Bosnjak - not to mention 1996-born stud Marko Arapovic
Photograph from Blog de Basket

Spain meanwhile team together the strong trio of Ilimane Diop, Jose Nogues and Agusti Sans and those paying attention will also notice the name Juan Hernangomez - yep, the younger brother of Spain’s talented 1994-born center Guillermo Hernangomez.

Most of the Czech team that finished eighth last summer at the U17 Worlds is back and six of them also played at the just-finished U19 Worlds in Prague, where they took 14th place. While many in the host country may have been disappointed with the final ranking, it must be noted that five of the players were 1995-born and another from 1996 - in a tournament meant for 1994-born players.

Prokop Slanina was the Czechs' leading scorer and second-best rebounder while Martin Peterka was second in scoring and first in rebounding. Radovan Kouril is also in the mix as the fourth-leading scorer and top assist man while Jiri Soula led the team in steals. Adam Pechacek under-performed in Prague and 1996-born Matej Svoboda was a role player.

Turkey have some very intriguing talent, led by good-sized point guards Kenan Sipahi and Metecan Birsen. And another name many people will recognise is Kerem Kanter - the younger brother of Enes Kanter - who last summer played for the first time in Turkey's national team system at the U18 European Championship and had a solid showing with 7.1 points and 6.1 rebounds.

Serbia meanwhile will be missing some of their bigger names from the generation in Nikola Rebic, Dusan Ristic and Djoko Salic.

A couple other names to watch will be the Great Britain duo of Luke Nelson and Kingsley Okoroh, Damien Inglis of France, Bulgaria's Aleksandar Vezenkov and Alexander Gankevich from Russia.

David Hein from FIBA

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European Basketball News, Stories, Tournaments & Events • Noticias, Torneos & Eventos del Baloncesto en Europa

Watch Euroleague LONDON 2013 Final Four FREE in eBA Stats

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Watch Euroleague 2013 Final Four FREE in eBA Stats
Watch Euroleague 2013 Final Four FREE in eBA Stats

from our eBA Stats Group Portal ( Central Column ):

SEMIFINALS, Friday May 10

18:00 CET ~ CSKA Moscow vs. Olympiacos Piraeus

21:00 CET ~ FC Barcelona Regal vs. Real Madrid

Watch Euroleague 2013 Final Four FREE in eBA Stats

FINAL, Sunday May 12


21:00 CET ~ FINAL

Enjoy it !

Watch Euroleague 2013 Final Four FREE in eBA Stats

Vea GRATIS la Final a 4 de la Euroleague LONDRES 2013 en eBA Stats

  Vea GRATIS la Final a 4 de la Euroleague LONDRES 2013 en eBA Stats
Vea GRATIS la Final a 4 de la Euroleague 2013 en eBA Stats

desde nuestro Portal del Grupo eBA Stats ( Columna Central ):

SEMIFINALES, Viernes 10 de Mayo

18:00 CET ~ CSKA Moscow vs. Olympiacos Piraeus

  21:00 CET ~ FC Barcelona Regal vs. Real Madrid

Vea GRATIS la Final a 4 de la Euroleague LONDRES 2013 en eBA Stats

FINAL, Domingo 12 de Mayo

18:00 CET ~ Partido por el 3er. PUESTO

21:00 CET ~ FINAL

Que lo Disfruten ! eBA Team

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European Basketball News, Stories, Tournaments & Events • Noticias, Torneos & Eventos del Baloncesto en Europa

Youngsters ready to shine
at London Games
David Hein's Eye on the Future
Plenty of superstars will showcase their skills at the 2012 Summer Games, but a number of young players have a chance to shine for the first time at the Olympics and show their countries’ futures are bright.

The United States are the overwhelming favorites for the gold medal, and the future of the New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis was a last-minute addition to Team USA with the injury to Blake Griffin.
Davis, who won the NCAA championship with Kentucky, will get the invaluable opportunity to learn from the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

But Davis could also be an integral part to the USA’s success as the 19-year-old 6-foot-10 big man can provide the two things the Americans need most – rebounding and defense. If Davis can transfer his college game to the highest level, he will well deserve his medal and play a big role in making it a gold one for Team USA.

The United States-Lithuania showdown in Group A could provide NBA and international basketball fans with a match-up of big men for years to come with Davis going for the Americans and the 20-year-old Jonas Valanciunas lining up for the Lithuanians.

The 6-foot-11 center Valanciunas will make his NBA debut this season with the Toronto Raptors but has already made a name internationally – heck, he has a song about him in basketball-mad Lithuania. Valanciunas was a true star at times at EuroBasket 2011 as a 19-year-old and stepped up when it counted in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament with 17 points and 7 rebounds against Dominican Republic to secure a spot in London. And for those who have not yet seen him, prepare to be impressed.

The biggest surprise at the OQT was Nigeria, who reached the Olympics with a magical run in Venezuela, including wins over Lithuania, Greece and the Dominican Republic. Besides leading scorer and rebounder Ike Diogu, Nigeria’s biggest weapon was the 21-year-old Al-Farouq Aminu.
The New Orleans Hornets power forward played for the Nigerians for the first time this summer and was dominating, including a huge showing against the Dominicans with 14 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 5 blocks. If Nigeria stand any chance to continue their Cinderella ride, Aminu will need a huge tournament. But he already gives Nigeria fans hope for the future.

Australia’s hopes also ride on a youngster as point guard Matt Dellavedova does a great job getting his teammates in the right spots and make his team run. The 21-year-old comes off a great collegiate season with St. Mary’s College where he earned the All-WCC conference Player of the Year honor.

One of the youngest players in London will be Russian shooting guard Sergey Karasev, who turns 19 in October. The son of former two-time World Championship silver medalist (1994 and 1998) Vasily Karasev, Sergey Karasev just last summer starred on Russia’s bronze medal winning side at the 2011 FIBA U19 World Championship and looks to build on his showing at the OQT and find his way into the senior team.

Even younger is Chinese guard Ailun Guo, who doesn’t turn 19 until mid-November and already has played for the senior team as a 16-year-old at the 2010 FIBA World Championship. Guo captained China and was the leading scorer at the 2010 FIBA U17 World Championship and starred at the 2011 FIBA U19 Worlds a year later. He was left off China’s preliminary Olympic roster in March but limited options at back-up point guard brought Guo back into the mix, making him one of the bright spots of the future for Chinese basketball.

Meanwhile, one of the future stars for Brazil is Raul Neto, the 20-year-old playmaker who had a strong season in the Spanish ACB for Lagun Aro Gipuzkoa and even has picked up his own nickname – Raulzinho.

The Belo Horizonte native already has senior level experience internationally, playing at the 2010 FIBA World Championship before starring for Brazil at the 2011 FIBA U19 Worlds. And observers are expecting him to play a big role in London.

That is a strong group of seven young players. Some of them are not yet known throughout the world – but all of them have high promise for the future.

David Hein from FIBA

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European Basketball News, Stories, Tournaments & Events • Noticias, Torneos & Eventos del Baloncesto en Europa

France get it right so far
Jeff Taylor's Eurovision
France didn’t put didn't put a foot wrong this week when they named their 18-man preliminary squad for the London Games.

Six replacements were also announced.

Les Bleus reached the Final of last year's EuroBasket in Lithuania to earn the country its first trip to the Olympics since 2000, and coach Vincent Collet rewarded every single one of the silver-medal winners by keeping their Olympic hopes alive.

"This is a message about the group cohesion," Collet explained.
It was a show of a respect for the European game, too.

Steed Tchicamboud, Charles Kahudi, Nando De Colo, Florent Pietrus, Andrew Albicy, Mickael Gelabale and Ali Traore – all who were in last year’s team - do not play in the bright lights of the NBA but rather in France, Spain or Russia.

Each has proved this season that he merits strong consideration for London.

To have ignored any would have been a kick in the teeth, considering what he has done for France in the past.

France also looked to Italy and considered the performances of Yakhouba Diawara.

Everyone knew that Collet would choose Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum, Boris Diaw and Joakim Noah, but what few expected was the return of Diawara, who last played for the national team in 2008.

Diawara remains athletic and is still a good defender.

He can catch it, and shoot it – even from behind the arc.

Diawara averaged 15.1 points and 5.2 rebounds in Italy’s Lega A for Varese this season.

"We wanted to look, regarding the backbone of the group, at players that would allow us to reinforce the group," Collet said.

"He's (Diawara) had a great season with Varese and he possesses qualities that can help the team."

A couple of other players that can clearly help now, or in the future, are Dallas Mavericks Rodrigue Beaubois and Ian Mahinmi.

Beaubois, 24, is an explosive scorer and one of the most gifted players in the French set-up, despite having not played much in the NBA this season.

“We know his potential,” Collet said.

Mahinmi is a very big 2.06m power forward/center who played on a more consistent basis this season in the NBA.

He was the center on France’s team at the World Championship two years ago.

Beaubois was supposed to be a leading player for France at that tournament in Turkey but got hurt during the build-up.

As for Mahinmi, because France also have big men Kevin Seraphin, Noah, Traore and Ronny Turiaf in the mix, his chances do not appear to be strong.

More than anything, unity and cohesion were the prevailing themes when the preliminary squad was announced.

That was evident in the selection of Turiaf, who broke his hand during the London Test Event less than two weeks before the start of EuroBasket 2011 and had to pull out of the squad yet remained with the team.

He could have headed for a golden, sandy beach to spend the rest of his summer but instead chose to stay with his teammates and make the point that he is a part of the squad whether injured or not.

Turiaf missed much of this season after his reinjuring his hand and he was also traded twice, yet Collet named the Miami Heat big man among the 18.

“It seemed inconceivable that he wasn’t a part of the selection,” Collet said.

It’s much easier to announce an 18-man squad with six replacements, though, than it will be for Collet to come up with his final 12.

That will prove to be a very painful exercise for a coach who likes to emphasize the importance of team unity.

Jeff Taylor from FIBA

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