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Vance Walberg's Advanced Dribble Drive by Coach Vance Walberg
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Vance Walberg's Advanced Dribble Drive
Vance Walberg's Advanced Dribble Drive
By Coach Vance Walberg

Vance Walberg is an American basketball coach (born July 9, 1956). In 2008 he became an assistant coach at the University of Massachusetts.
He was previously the head men's basketball coach at Pepperdine University.

He is known for developing the dribble drive motion offense, sometimes known as the Memphis Attack, AASAA offense.

On January 17, 2008, Walberg resigned from Pepperdine, citing family issues. On May 5, 2008, he officially joined head coach Derek Kellogg's staff at UMass.

Career highlights
Playing career:
  1974–1976 ~ De Anza College
1976–1978 ~ Cal State Bakersfield

Coaching career (HC unless noted):
1978–1981 ~ Mountain View HS
1981–1983 ~ Los Altos HS
1983–1984 ~ James Logan HS
1984–1989 ~ Newark Memorial HS
1989–2002 ~ Clovis West HS
2002–2006 ~ Fresno City College
2006–2008 ~ Pepperdine
2008-2011 ~ UMass

In this DVD presentation, Vance Walberg reviews some of the basic principles and terminology from his top selling original DVD before heading into an examination of his new innovations for areas of the dribble-drive attack. In the review, Coach Walberg goes back to defining the offensive terminology, spacing, player positions, court break down and the basic premise of lane penetration.

Walberg analyzes shot selection, his two extras, what "shot means", back responsibilities, like 3's-love layups, ways to play the 4-man, importance of passing and cutting, importance of back doors, what to do when the ball goes into the post, the value of the jump stop, "AASAA", and the gaps.

Over its existance, Coach Walberg has made many modifications of the Dribble Drive. Some of the new innovations he demonstrates here include the S-gap; use of the dribble; the cuts-basket, T-cut, rub cut, X cut, corner cut and thumb cut; the value of eyes up; the value of the shoulders; and the tear drop shot and pass.

The transition into the dribble-drive attack offense is very important to its success. Walberg takes you through the players' positioning and responsibilities in transition as well as key points of emphasis and five fast break drills to create proper spacing to flow into th dribble drive seemlessly. His drills are all competitive with many teaching components for the offensive system involved.

In trying to stop the dribble drive, teams first adjustment is to go zone. Walberg teaches you how to take advantage of any zone with the dribble-drive attack. His strategies include push action, 2-game, push with 2 game, push off the pass, bump, bump off the pass, drag, "22", "23", "24", and push-fist. Each action is shown and explained in great detail as Walberg takes players through it on the floor.

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Vance Walberg: Full Court Pressure Defensive System

Coach Walberg looks at 10 of the most often asked questions concerning the dribble-drive attack offense and shares his philosophy and explanations for these questions. This leads into final video review with Walberg talking you through some in-game video examples for the various components to the offense.

Coach Walberg continues to improve and evolve the dribble-drive attack offense in all areas. This is a MUST Get DVD for coaches looking at installing the entire offensive system into their program!

358 minutes + 50 minutes of bonus game footage.
100 Drills and Sets for Implementing the Dribble Drive Offense

with Vance Walberg, University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach;
Creator of the Innovative Dribble Drive Attack Offense,
2005 California JC Undefeated State Champions

Vance Walberg's Dribble Drive offense has taken the basketball world by storm! In this on-court presentation, Walberg shares his individual breakdown drills by position and demonstrates the team drills he uses in teaching the offense.

Vance Walberg: Master the Innovative Dribble Drive Attack Offense!

Go to the next level of the Dribble Drive! This effective system has evolved into an offensive attack adopted by John Calipari and thousands of coaches at all levels all over the world.

Walberg provides a break down by position of the individual skills needed to effectively run the dribble drive. He delivers over 40 drills to compliment his Daily 45 drills (as seen in Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense) and includes not only offensive footwork movement but also getting shots within the offensive framework.

You'll get some of his favorite drills like "20 Minutes of 3's." Players are paired up and must get through several preliminary shooting exercises before shooting 3's. Players chart their shots to see how many they make in the time allowed. This is a great conditioning drill and it will help you determine who will be your "Streak Shooters."

Walberg also shares individual drills for the 4-man including quick ups, lobs, jump-jump, re-locations, clean-ups, combinations, and the "Drop 4 series".

Teaching the Dribble Drive Attack Mentality with the "Texas Drills!"

Walberg utilizes over 60 breakdown drills/sets to teach and demonstrate the formations and action of the Dribble Drive offense. These breakdowns are three-man groups including 1-2-4 breakdown, 1-4-5 breakdown, and 2-3-4 breakdown. In these breakdown groups, Walberg takes you through the dribble drive actions that can occur and the movements involved.

He shares examples of the rack series, drop series, drag series, fist series, pistol series, quick series, replace series, kickback series, 415 series, re-loop series, thumbs up series, and skip series. With different player combinations, Walberg shows you the series actions and how the formation of plays comes together for the Dribble Drive.

Walberg brings it all together in his "Two Stops or One Turnover Drill" which is a half court, 5-on-5 drill used to reinforce the breakdown drill work. This DVD set provides a deep look into how the Dribble Drive offense works and ways to help teach it to your team. A must for anyone using or thinking of installing the Dribble Drive.

Dribble Drive Motion Offense - Vance Walberg - Basketball Fundamentals

About Coach Vance Walberg

Vance Walberg's Advanced Dribble Drive
One of the most innovative minds in the sport of basketball brings his approach and philosophy to UMass as Vance Walberg begins his third year with the Minutemen as an assistant coach. Walberg has been widely credited for bringing his dribble-drive system to the sport and has it succeed at the highest level in working with current Memphis and former UMass coach John Calipari. Walberg makes the move back east after 40 years on the west coast as a successful head coach for more than 30 years on the college, junior college and high school level.

"Vance brings an unbelievable knowledge for the game of basketball," said UMass head coach Derek Kellogg. "He has a tremendous enthusiasm, intensity and passion for what we are trying to do here at UMass in growing the basketball program. He is part of the reason why my career is where it is with us implementing his style of play and offense at Memphis. Not only is he a close personal friend, but he is also a person I trust and feel very confident in as a basketball coach. We are excited to have him on the staff. He is bringing an energy and enthusiasm and a style of play which will excite the fans, our players on the team, our recruits and everyone in the UMass community."

Dribble Drive Motion Offense Skills - Vance Walberg - Basketball Fundamentals

Walberg, who served as the head coach at Pepperdine University from 2006-08, is well-known for his system which was chronicled in Sports Illustrated in February 2008. Known as AASAA (Attack, Attack, Skip, Attack, Attack), Walberg spent 17 seasons building winning programs at Clovis West High School and Fresno City College prior to coaching the Waves for a year-and-a-half.

"Shoot, shoot and shoot some more," said Walberg in describing his system. "It's really very simple. What we do is I spread you out and attack the different gaps. We call it AASAA - Attack, Attack, Skip, Attack, Attack. Everybody gets a big plus out of it. It starts with the guards. The first thing we want them to do is come down and look to score. It's up to the guards to be able to break their man down. Once the breakdown process begins and whoever helps, that's where the kick goes. If we struggle, we reverse things and put it inside and it's time for the big guys to take over. It's really very simple."

In four years as head coach at Fresno City College from 2003-06, Walberg compiled a 133-11 (.924) record, including a perfect 34-0 mark and the California state community college championship in 2005. Using his AASAA offensive system, his teams regularly scored more than 100 points per game.

In addition, Walberg's Fresno City College teams won four straight Central Valley Conference titles, made four consecutive trips to the Northern California Playoffs, advanced to the Final Four of the state championships three times and appeared in the state title game in 2003 and 2005.

Walberg and his 2004-05 Rams became just the third team, and the first in 35 years, to post an undefeated season in California community college history. Fresno City College's 83-68 victory over San Bernardino College in the championship game also marked Walberg's 100th coaching victory at the school, a milestone he reached in just three years.

In 2005-06, Fresno City College went 33-6 and advanced to the semifinals of the state championships before falling 71-67 to Fullerton College at Selland Arena in Fresno, Calif.

Walberg was twice named California Community College Coach of the Year (2003 and 2005) and was tabbed the CVC Coach of the Year in each of his four seasons.

During a 13-year career (1990-2002) as head coach at Clovis West High School in Fresno, Calif., Walberg guided his teams to a 343-68 (.834) overall record, nine league titles, 10 CIF Central Section Championships appearances (including six titles) and three showings in the Southern State Championship Game. Clovis West earned Top 10 rankings in the state six times (1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2002) and was ranked nationally in the USA Today Top 25 in 2000 and 2001. The 2001 team finished the year ranked #12 nationally.

Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System

Prior to taking over at Clovis West, Walberg was head basketball coach at Newark (Calif.) Memorial High School for five seasons (1985-89). There, he won one league title and made two appearances in the CIF North Coast Section Championships. He also served as badminton coach at James Logan High School (1983-84) and head basketball coach at Los Altos High School (1981-83) and Mountain View High School (1978-81).

In 2001, Walberg was selected the Cal-Hi State Coach of the Year. He also earned league coach of the year honors nine times, section coach of the year on six occasions and was tabbed the California and West Region (Section 7) Coach of the Year in 1999.

Walberg, a 1974 graduate of Monta Vista High in Cupertino, Calif., was a two-year varsity letterwinner in basketball. He helped the Matadors to a league championship was named the team's Most Valuable Player.

In two seasons at De Anza Community College, he won two conference championships and concluded his career as the school's all-time steals leader. While at Cal State Bakersfield for the following two seasons, Walberg was twice named the school's Defensive Player of the Year and served as team captain his senior year.

Walberg's education includes a physical education degree from Cal-State Bakersfield in 1978, a teaching credential from the College of Belmont in 1979 and a master's degree in health, physical education and recreation from Saint Mary's College in 1986.

Walberg, 54, (born July 9, 1956), and his wife, Rose, have four children: Jason, 27, a former Fresno City College all-state selection and former player on the Pepperdine basketball team, who is now on the staff at Mephis under Calipari; Heather, 26, a Pepperdine Master's student; Jaimie-Rose, 24, who graduated from Pepperdine this spring; and Ian, 22, a junior at UMass.

Defending the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

The Walberg File
Birthdate: July 9, 1956
Family: Wife Rose, Sons Jason (27), Ian (22), Daughters Heather (26) and Jaimie-Rose (24)
Alma Mater: Cal-State Bakersfield `78, Master's: Saint Mary's `86
Coaching Experience
Massachusetts, Assistant Coach 2008-Present
Pepperdine, Head Coach 2006-08
Fresno City College, Head Coach 2003-06
Clovis West High School, Head Coach 1990-2002
Newark (Calif.) Mem. H.S., Head Coach 1985-89
James Logan H.S., Head Badminton Coach 1983-84
Los Altos H.S., Head Coach 1981-83
Mountain View H.S., Head Coach 1978-81

•  Actor: Coach Vance Walberg
•  Format: Color, Director's Cut, Full Screen
•  Region: All Regions
•  Studio: Championship Productions
•  Language: English
•  Number of Discs: 2-Disc Set or Individual DVDs
•  Run Time: 191 minutes + 54 minutes of bonus game footage

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Vance Walberg's Advanced Dribble Drive

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