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The following short videos have been published in the Portal
of these eBA Forums (2nd. and 4th. Boards Portal), and are renewed every Thursday!

Los siguioentes Vídeo cortos han sido publicados en el Portal
de estos Foros eBA (Portal del 2do. y 4to. Foros), y son renovados todos los Jueves!

• A Zone Quick-Hitter to Get an Easy Basket in the Paint by Greg Kampel

In order to beat a zone, you must expose its weaknesses. By allowing the zone to think it's strong, you can create a level of deception and set up your offense for easy buckets. In his first few quick hitters, Coach Kampe designs his sets to screen and post up the middle of the zone. By pounding the middle of the zone, your quick hitters will wear down your opponent's post defense, leading to easy layups and buckets 6-8 feet around the rim.

Kampe emphasizes the idea of creating false motion within most of your zone quick hitters. False motion can create the action you want through simple levels of deception. Quick passes, eyeing the cutter, using shooters as decoys are all forms of deception that you can add to your offense in order to get what you want, when you want.  More Info & Videos!

• Basics of the Fence Basketball Offense by Eric Bridgelandl

The fence offense is similar in many ways to the popular dribble drive motion offense with a few slight differences. Bridgeland has incorporated more dribble hand-offs, flare screens, and relocation keys that make the fence offense equally, if not more effective than the dribble drive. In this training video Bridgeland shows how he teach the fence offense!. More Info & Videos!

• Ed Cooley's "Fly Drill" for Defensive Rotations!

Rotations and communication on defense are taught in Cooley's Fly drill. The Fly drill has the defense at a disadvantage. Your players will work on multiple skills at once, including closeouts, communication, rotation, gap concepts, and pressuring the basketball. Progressions can be used by adding box outs and dribble penetration.  More Info & Videos!

• Post Play to Dominate the Paint by Dave Vander

Every great post player has one or more counters to their most effective scoring moves. Over time, opposing teams will learn to cut off tendencies or make adjustments to post players and how they score. If a player is effective scoring baseline, that player must have a counter move when baseline is taken away.

In this training video, Coach Vander covers drop step baseline, up and under, face up, and hook shot moves. He shows exactly what to do to counter and score when a defender plays on the top or bottom side. More Info & Videos!

• The Basketball 6-on-4 Full Court Shell Drill by Chris Jans,

In this training video, Coach Jans shows the '6-on-4 Full Court Shell Drill', an advantage/disadvantage drills in both full court and half court settings. This drill is highly competitive and force players to talk a lot in order to get stops on defense, while also training how to score quickly and efficiently on offense.  More Info & Videos!

• How Dan Muller Defends Baseline Out of Bounds Situations!

Incorporating help defense within your closeout drills allows you to work on multiple things at once. Coach Muller shows a drill that incorporates help defense, closing out to the gaps within the first passing lane, and on-ball defense. After your players work on their footwork and proper closeout technique, they will progress and incorporate live game play. This drill allows to instill baseline out of bounds situations. You can also adjust the drill to force the ball to the sideline, middle, or baseline. More Info & Videos!

• 'LeBron Drill' for Basketball Shooting & the Amoeba Defense! from Chris Harney!

Just as Coach Harney says, "you can never have too many shooting drills!" The drill in this training video work on shooting with a competitive edge. Your players will work on spot-up shooting and shooting on the move with the Jimmer Drill and the LeBron Drill. More Info & Videos!

"Thirty-Five" Basketball Practice Drill! from Charli Turner Thorne!

• The "Thirty-Five" drill is a great way to involve your whole team with passing, shooting, and rebounding in a competitive environment. This drill by Coach Turner Thorne is perfect for motivating your players in individual skill sessions and provide benchmarks that will help you identify the shooters on your team that can be trusted with taking the big shot when the game is on the line. More Info & Videos!

• "Numbers Rebounding" Drill from TCU's Raegan Pebley!

Both offensive and defensive drills are mixed to help show in this training video how to create a comprehensive and competitive practice. There are a number of instances where Coach Pebley tweaks the set-up for a particular drill to help emphasize a particular offensive or defensive concept. More Info & Videos!

Brad Underwood's Core Spread Offense Cuts, Fills, and Passes!

To create spacing and mismatches, Coach Underwood demonstrates his well-known spread offense. With two guards on top, forwards at the wings and a center in the high post, three entries are demonstrated with opportunities to get open looks for lay-ups and open shots while taking advantage of the other team's defense.  More Info & Videos!

• Initial 1-2-1-1 Press Defense Positioning by Bo Ryan

Ryan shows how his press break creates a progression of options and the sequence of reads that the inbounder must make within the first five seconds. The "Z the Court" concept will help your players to space the court to maximize receiver options as well as create ideal angles for advance passes.
Ryan also shares how you can position your tallest player to make use of their size, rather than clear them out.  More Info & Videos!

• 5 & 4 Out Offensive System by Bob McKillop

In this drill, McKillop teaches the basic principles, actions, and movements within his offense. He shows three simple actions that will increase scoring opportunities for your players:

 • Step in screen (screen your own)
• Cut screen
• Fade screen

With these simple screens, your offense is limitless in the actions you can use to get open. Of course, for each screen, timing is vital because without it, players will miss open scoring opportunities. More Info & Videos!

• Basketball Drill to Simulate Lane Drives, Kick-Outs, and Finishing by Ben Jacobson

Jacobson presents several 2-1-2 sets where players learn how to attack screens coming from the wing. He uses his post players to run out, set a ball screen, and then roll back into the paint to deep seal a defensive post player. Your forwards will love taking advantage of these scoring options as they roll to the basket and seal, attack a hard hedge by slipping the screen, and use open space to cut and post up deep in the
paint. More Info & Videos!

• A Drill Porter Moser Uses for Cutting & Shooting on Offense!

"Throw and Go" is not only a shooting drill, but one of the core offensive concepts covered in the zone offense section of this video. This drill directly relates to how Moser wants his athletes to attack a zone, while also getting much-needed shots up in practice. Any time you can make a drill directly relate to the game, its value is increased!  More Info & Videos!

• Dan Hughes Shares a Story from a Championship Season!

A few of Hughes' 15 key areas include: character wins, prioritizing family, persistence and hard work; as well as always being open to a better way of doing things.
With over 20 years of coaching experience, Hughes also ends this video by answering questions regarding how to deal with under-involved parents, how to coach entitled kids, and how to deal with players who are in an argument with each other. More Info & Videos!

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Basketball Training Courses & Videos
How Basketball Players Can Get Open on Offense!
NEW TRAINING VIDEO by Chantal Vallee!

( Para la Versión en Español: Ver a Continuación del Vídeo! )

with Chantal Vallée,
Hamilton Honey Badgers (Canadian Elite Basketball League)
Head Coach & GM;
University of Windsor Head Women's Basketball Coach;
Five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS)
Women's Basketball National Titles (2011-2015);
2x CIS Women's Basketball Coach of the Year;
ATHENA International Leadership Award, 2012!

• About this New (July 12, 2019) Training Video
How Basketball Players Can Get Open on Offense!

"... In this training video we see a secondary motion offense that emphasizes attacking the rim with drives. This offense utilizes four perimeter players to create great spacing. Coach Vallée explains the simple rules that provide a basic structure while creating a variety of scoring options.

The 4v0 Perimeter Movement drill puts a special emphasis on integrating post flashes into the offense. This option creates numerous screening opportunities while opening up the rim. ..."

More info & videos

Cursos & Vídeos de Entrenamiento del Baloncesto
¡Cómo los Jugadores de Baloncesto
Pueden Abrirse en en el Ataque!

con Chantal Vallée,
Hamilton Honey Badgers (Canadian Elite Basketball League)
Director Técnico y General Manager;
Entrenador de Baloncesto Femenino de la Universidad de Windsor;
Cinco consecutivos Interuniversitarios Canadienses (CIS)
Títulos Nacionales de Baloncesto Femenino (2011-2015);
2 veces Entrenador de Baloncesto Femenino del Año de la CEI;
Premio Internacional de Liderazgo ATHENA, 2012!

• Sobre este Nuevo (Julio 12, 2019) Video de Entrenamiento
Cómo los Jugadores de Baloncesto Pueden Abrirse en en el Ataque

"... En este video de entrenamiento vemos un ataque de movimiento secundario que enfatiza atacar el aro con unidades. Este ataque utiliza cuatro jugadores perimetrales para crear un gran espacio. El Entrenador Vallée explica las reglas simples que proporcionan una estructura básica al crear una variedad de opciones de puntuación.

El ejercicio de movimiento perimetral 4v0 pone un énfasis especial en integrar los flashes posteriores en el ataque. Esta opción crea numerosas oportunidades de pantallas mientra se abren hacia el aro. ... "

Más Info & Vídeos

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Basketball Training Courses & Videos
Ball Screen Offense vs
2-3 Basketball Zone Defense: "Slash"

( Para la Versión en Español: Ver a Continuación del Vídeo! )

with Matt McMahon,
Murray State University Head Coach;
Back-to-Back Ohio Valley Conference
regular season & tournament champs (2018 & 2019);
2018 NABC District 19 Coach of the Year!

• About this New (July 12, 2019) Training Video
Ball Screen Offense vs 2-3 Zone Defense: "Slash"

"... If your team is guard-heavy or you have a play-making point guard, the Slash Offense is perfect! This offense will take advantage of the strength of multiple ball handlers and shooters.

Even though it is suitable for four guards, the big man won't be forgotten.

The Slash Offense also provides multiple opportunities to pound the ball inside for a dominant post player. This training video shows sets that fit perfectly within the offensive flow to take advantage of the zone defense. ..."

More info & videos

Cursos & Vídeos de Entrenamiento del Baloncesto
Ataque de Pantallas Sobre el Balón vs
Defensa Zona 2-3 en Baloncesto: "Slash"

con Matt McMahon,
Entrenador Principal de la Murray State University;
Bi-Campeones de la Conferencia del Valle de Ohio
de la temporada regular y torneos (2018 y 2019);
¡Entrenador del Año 2018 del Distrito 19 de NABC!

• Sobre este Nuevo (Julio 12, 2019) Video de Entrenamiento
Ataque de Pantallas Sobre el Balón vs Zona 2-3: "Slash"

"... Si su equipo tiene muchos bases o si tiene un base armador, el Ataque Slash es perfecto! Este ataque aprovechará la fuerza de múltiples manejadores del balón y lanzadores.

Aunque es adecuado para cuatro bases, el hombre grande no será olvidado.

El Ataque Slash también ofrece múltiples oportunidades para manejar el balón adentro para un jugador poste dominante. Este video de entrenamiento muestra movimientos que encajan perfectamente dentro del flujo ofensivo para tomar ventaja de la defensa de la
zona. ... "

Más Info & Vídeos

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Basketball Training Courses & Videos
High-Paced Drill for Transition
NEW TRAINING VIDEO by Mike Neighbors!

( Para la Versión en Español: Ver a Continuación del Vídeo! )

with Mike Neighbors,
University of Arkansas Women's Head Coach;
former University of Washington Women's Head Coach;
2016 NCAA Final Four appearance;
has had 11 players drafted in the WNBA; Performance
'Rising Star' award (2009)!

• About this New (July 9, 2019) Training Video
High-Paced Drill for Transition by Mike Neighbors

"... In this training video, Coach Neighbors illustrates the cornerstone to his offensive hierarchy: determining which players can act as a 'Green Light' shooter. Neighbors has found a proven method that refutes critics who feel certain players take too many shots and others deserve more shots.

His "Green Light License" is an equalizer for teams to justify roles through shooting percentages in drills, practices and games.

Neighbors also offers this team shooting drill that focus on getting players reps with the mantra 'game shots from game spots at game pace.' ..."

More info & videos

Cursos & Vídeos de Entrenamiento del Baloncesto
Ejercicio de Transición de Alto Ritmo

con Mike Neighbors,
Entrenador Principal de la Universidad de Arkansas;
ex Entrenadora Principal de la Universidad de Washington;
2016 NCAA Final Four;
ha tenido 11 jugadoras en el draft en la WNBA; Rendimiento
Premio 'Rising Star' (2009)!

• Sobre este Nuevo (Julio 9, 2019) Video de Entrenamiento
Ejercicio de Transición de Alto Ritmo por Mike Neighbors

"... En este video de entrenamiento, Coach Neighbors ilustra la piedra angular de su jerarquía ofensiva: determinar qué jugadores pueden actuar como lanzadores de 'Luz Verde'. Neighbors ha encontrado un método comprobado que refuta a los críticos que sienten que ciertos jugadores toman demasiados lanzamientos y otros merecen más lanzamientos.

Su 'Licencia de Luz Verde' es un ecualizador para que los equipos justifiquen los roles a través de porcentajes de lanzamiento en ejercicios, prácticas y juegos.

Coach Neighbors también ofrece este ejercicio de lanzamiento en equipo que se centra en conseguir repeticiones de jugadores con el mantra 'lanzamientos de juego desde lugares de juego al ritmo del juego'. ... "

Más Info & Vídeos

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Basketball Training Courses & Videos
Back Line Drill  ~ Match-Up Zone by Gregg Marshall
with more than 1:30 hours of Basketball Clinic!

( Para la Versión en Español: Ver a Continuación del Vídeo! )

with Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach;
2017 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Champions
& Regular Season Co-Champions
(has led the Shockers to seven titles overall,
including four straight regular season titles 2014-17);
2014 Naismith College Coach of the Year;
3x MVC Coach of the Year (2012-14);
2011 NIT Champions!

• About these 12 Training Video
Back Line Drill  ~ Match-Up Zone by Gregg Marshall

"... Coach Gregg Marshall teaches his 'Match-up Zone Defense' with on-court demonstration and reinforces the points of emphasis with game footage.

The defense keeps pressure on the ball and discourages easy entry into the middle. This training video includes the 'Back Line Drill' to teach the defense and demonstration of the coverages. Coach Marshall designs his half-court match-up zone for easy combination and implementation with the 2-2-1 press. ..."

More info & videos

Cursos & Vídeos de Entrenamiento del Baloncesto
Ejercicio de la Línea Trasera por Gregg Marshall
Con más de 1:30 horas de Clínica de Baloncesto!

con Gregg Marshall, Entrenador Principal
de la Universidad Estatal de Wichita;
Campeones del Torneo de la
Conferencia del Valle de Missouri 2017
y campeones de temporada regular
(ha llevado a los Shockers a siete títulos en total,
incluyendo cuatro títulos consecutivos
de la temporada regular 2014-17);
2014 Entrenador del Año de Naismith College;
3x Entrenador MVC del Año (2012-14);
¡Campeones NIT 2011!

• Sobre estos 12 Video de Entrenamiento
Ejercicio de la Línea Trasera por Gregg Marshall

"... El Entrenador Gregg Marshall enseña su 'Defensa en Zona de Emparejamiento' con una demostración en el campo y refuerza los puntos de énfasis con las imágenes del juego.

La defensa mantiene la presión sobre el balón y desalienta la entrada fácil al medio. Este video de entrenamiento incluye el 'Ejercicio de línea trasera' para enseñar la defensa y la demostración de las coberturas. El Entrenador Marshall diseña su zona de emparejamiento de media cancha para una fácil combinación e implementación con la prensión 2-2-1. ... "

Más Info & Vídeos

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