The Basketball Fast-break Analysis

The Basketball Fast-break Frequency and Points Made from FB

by Prof. Roberto Azar - February 24, 2012

The eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System tracks team fast-break points game by game and current season average.

How important for a heavily fast-break oriented basketball (external link) team is a poor defensive rebounding ? Said in a clearer way, is obtaining fast break points the outcome of the commitment to defensive rebounding ? Is the Fast-break Frequency and Points Made from FB decisive for the game outcome ?

• A relative number of low opponent fast breaks might also be application of a strategy of preventing from them, trying to change the pace of the game away from the opponents preferred style.

• Difference in defensive rebounding rate for top 4 Euroleague teams on pace and bottom 4 is 6.7-7.9% or
about 2 -2.5 rebounds that become opponent offensive rebounds.

• Huskiness and disposition to stand in for or give contact is another element for better defending the
break than in the half court.

• The top 4 on pace got better their offensive efficiency but on average give it all back on defense.

• Fast break offense and defense are not built-in and associated, except in terms of fatigue; a team can
both breaking up court whenever possible and running back to play effective transition defense.

• Fast break oriented teams without much doubt benefit for having a dominant defensive rebounder or two as
opposed to having confidence on sending 3-4 players to the offensive rebounds.

Some numbers about our total season data:

• Officials are currently calling the games nearer, that means more non-shooting fouls. So, teams are
receiving added time per possession ascribable to the shot clock getting reset more frequently.

• Scoring and Field Goals shots and possessions are going down and average duration of possession in game
clock time is raising: therefore putting all together we can conclude that the pace has decelerated a

• Using our possessions formula - see eBA Encyclopedia (external link) - and team data from our archives, the average duration of possession reveal us a possession use in a slower pace: moved from 15.83 seconds to 15.88 seconds.

• And finally, fast-break frequency and points made from stayed the same, personal fouls raises 0.57%,
turnovers moves lower 0.6%, steals moves lower 4.6%, blocked shots moves lower 3.4%, assists moves lower
3.2%. total rebounds moves lower 2.2%, shooting percentages are raising but field goal attempts moves lower 0.3% and 3 points attempts raises 1.5%.

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