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How Dan Muller Defends Baseline Out of Bounds

Welcome to the eBA System

Fundamental Concepts and Definitions, Statistics Register Rules, Case Studies, Formulas Section and the Global Basketball Encyclopedia of the 'eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System', a project by the Prof. Roberto Azar which index of contents is inserted below.

Last Doc Uploaded / Updated: on August 27th, 2019:

About the Basketball Steals Analysis and the Defensive Efficiency
by Prof. Roberto Azar

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"Baseline Double 1-on-1" Drill by John Calipari

Introduction - The Basketball Analysis

The eBA System: A system of work
The Forms
General Abbreviations

The 1st. Section - The Game Stats

"Game Highlights" (Team's Rating Formulas)
Results Boards by Points , Quarters, Zones & Seconds
League Advantage Graph
The 3 Seconds Rule
The 24 Seconds Rule
Advantage Transitions
Statistical Summary Board
Standard Deviation (StD) Graph
Time Played(external link)
The Changes Factor
Shooting ~ Basketball Field Goals Tracking
Rebounding ~ Basketball 2nd Chance Points
Basketbakk Team Rebounds: eBA Concept, Stats and the NBA Statistician's Rules
Turnovers, Points Off Turnovers & Steals Analysis
About the Basketball Steals Analysis and the Defensive Efficiency
An Unsuccessful Basketball Steal REAL Worth
Basketball Block Shot: With or Without Ball Control
Assists - served, received & missed
Double Assists
Relation Assists : Wins/Losses

Lineup Performances
Lineup Combinations
Player's & Team's Marks
Marks League Progression

The 2nd. Section - The Game Insights

Game Insight
Basketball Possessions Analysis
About the Basketball Possessions Ending in TO and the True Percentage of Team Possessions Used
Game Balance - Defense & Offense
Graphical Comparisons
Player's & Team's Shooting Zones
Compared Shooting Tables
Goals Evaluation
Shot Selection
Fast Break Analysis
Missed Fast Breaks Points
Opponents Fast Breaks Summary
24 Seconds Report
Scoring on 8, 16 & 24 sec. Analysis
Fouls and Free Throw Report: Basketball Free-throws Statistical Tracking
A Basketball Technical Foul at Inbounds Tracking
Groups Performances
Field Goal Range Report
Help Data for the Game Analysis

The 3rd. Section - Quarters Reports

Running Score Report
The Game in Quarters
Points & Rebounds by Quarters
Basketball Points and Rebounds Report ~ PDF Doc
1st. Quarter Reports
2nd. Quarter Reports
3rd. Quarter Reports
4th. Quarter Reports

The 4th. Section - Players Reports

The Individual Player Capsule
PDF Player Capsule: Anthony Parker~ PDF Doc
Complete Player's Stats
Comparison with Last Season
Whole Season & One Year Ago
Compared Player's Quarters Stats
Compared Player's 24 sec. Stats
Individual Player Lineup
Ball Handling
Compared Player's Marks

The 5th. Section - Season Reports

Season Highlights (Team's Ratings Formulas)
Compared Data between Leagues
Offensive Performance
Defensive Performance
Season Lineup Combinations
Season Ranked Groups Performance
Shooting Zones Report
Season Graphical Comparisons


I: The Formulas Section
II: The Basketball Statistics Case Studies
III: The Global eBA Basketball Encyclopedia

Invited Authors & Contributors

Basketball Backcourt Violation Analysis
by BGA Juan José Diaz

The successful free throw in basketball
by Prof Lic Manuel G. Jiménez-Torres y Prof PhD Carlos J. López Gutiérrez
(external link)

The Floating Line as a Global Basketball Performance Indicator
by BGA Matias Barmat
(external link)

Basketball Three-seconds Rule Statistical Tracking
by BGA John Volger

Analyzing the Basketball Ratings Percentage Index
by BGA Jean Louis Trezeguet, Updated by: Prof. Roberto Azar

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The eBA System, the Case Studies and the eBA Encyclopedia are from today on OPEN READING docs, and ONLY the access to the edition areas and posting comments are reserved to the eBA 2019/20 Registered Members as Editors or Publishers.

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