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by Prof. Roberto Azar - August 27, 2019

In the still concluded eBA Annual Basketball Statistics Clinic there was a debate about basketball (external link) steals: is a good number of steals a good indicator for the efficiency of the defense ?

Some thoughts to begin the discussion:

• ...players or teams with the best steals averages are not as a highly likely consequence the best defensive players or steals...

• ...if players go for too many steals, the probabilities are their defensive efficiency including everything is set at a disadvantage from that...

• ...steals percentage (steals per possession) is a good statistic to consider...

• ...declaring as an attribute or quality a defense on steals isn't going to be as being marked by a favorable outcome as one based on forcing misses...

• ...if your aggressive style defense is more impressive than your team playing a more conforming to a standard defense, you'll have to examine and note the similarities or differences of your numbers with something...

The discussion and my analysis will continue on the thread "Steal Statistics: Cases & Registration" at the Processing Statistics Board

Basketball Steals & Defense By The Numbers:
Data collected since 1988 by eBA Stats.com Team reflects the good and bad of the team’s defense.

We tracked possession-by-possession who was responsible for defending shots, forcing turnovers, committing fouls that resulted in free throws, or stealing the ball including effective ball denial defense.

The data suggests broad defensive principles where guards and perimeter defenders can pressure the ball and make opponents uncomfortable on the perimeter, but always with focus on the team’s force rules that funnel penetration to certain locations.

At those defined locations, the perimeter defender knows he’ll have help from a teammate — usually a big man.

This eBA Stats approach is very valid, and more detailed than what we see at another statistical systems. This kind of information is extremely useful and was studied in this eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System.

The goal is to steal the ball and create turnovers by always having a defender close to the offensive player, limit the number of open looks at the basket, while simultaneously having big men challenge a greater proportion of the offense’s shot attempts.

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