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•  Our SEPTEMBER 2012 eBADVICE: A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball by Dwyane Wade »
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•  Basketball Statistics Case Studies: 09/12 Case Study 'About Basketball Turnovers Tracking' Conclusion (text)  »
•  From the "eBA System Clinic": An Article From the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System (text) »
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from the eBA Permanent Clinic 6th. Month Meetings:

About the Statistical Decision Limit in Basketball

"... Decision theory in economics, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, and statistics is concerned with identifying the values, uncertainties and other issues relevant in a given decision, its rationality, and the resulting optimal decision

It is closely related to the field of game theory as to interactions of agents with at least partially conflicting interests whose decisions affect each other. ..."

"... Statistics works on notion that measurements are REPLICATES. So, if we see a "suspicious" looking value (high or low) it's always conceivable that it is not a replicate, but a GROSS ERROR crept into that (and only that) measurement at the time it was taken, resulting in the anomalous value. ..."

"... Now we determine which the Decision Limit is, that means the value to be tested again. By example, 75% at Free Throws means our D.L. . ..."

"... If one of the players IS a poorer free-throw shooter than the others, statistically that is an equivalent to his not being a replicate but an outlier. This is what you test for. ..."

"... Here is another case of using statistics to compare values (free throw %) with a D.L. (75%) and decide if there is a real cause present (a poorer capability to shoot free throws). ..."

This document contains selected excerpts from the
"eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis"
by Prof. Roberto Azar

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Last 5 Statistics Posts at the eBA BLOGS:

•  09/28/12 ~ Press Clippings: Statistical Basketball- By STATS Director of Research Rebecca Goldin, Ph.D.
•  09/25/12 ~ Basketball Statistics Tracking Referred Questions: About a Field Goal Scored for the Opponent & Statistics
•  09/20/12 ~ Basketball Statistics Referred Concepts: About the Created Field Goal Percentage - The Goal Percentage without Assists
•  09/11/12 ~ Basketball Statistics Tracking Referred Questions: About the Statistical Tracking of a Shooting Foul - Rule & Statistics
•  09/02/12 ~ Sunday's Reflexions: About the Basketball Individual Statistics Underrated or Overrated

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Our September 2012 RECOMMENDATION !
...a New Month ...a New Basketball eBook eBADVICE ! A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball by Dwyane Wade

A Father First:
How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball
by Dwyane Wade

Wade wrote his book after being awarded custody of his two boys in March 2011.

He ultimately wanted it to showcase the regular life of the eight-time NBA all-star.

Part of the amazing reaction he received for the book was from other fathers who congratulated him for putting his children first during his high-profile divorce.

"Obviously anyone who's a father, it's one of the most special things in life, and one of the most purest relationships and purest things that you have in life.

You know, I enjoy being one of the guys with my boys, but I also enjoy being a leader and being able to lead them and help mold the way that they think, and hopefully some of the things that they're going to do."
Dwyane Wade

A Father First chronicles the lessons Dwyane has learned as a single dad from the moment of the judge's ruling that instantly changed his life and the lives of his boys, and then back to the events in the past that shaped his dreams, prayers, and promises.

As the son of divorced parents determined to get along so that he and his sister Tragil could have loving relationships with both of them, Dwyane's early years were spent on Chicago's South Side. With poverty, violence, and drugs consuming the streets and their mom descending into addiction, Tragil made the heroic decision to take her younger brother to live with their father. After moving his household to suburban Robbins, Illinois, Dwyane Wade Sr. became Dwyane's first basketball coach.

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to watch the videos and also to browse this book

Amazon Basketball Books

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 • Author: Dwyane Wade
 • Format: eBook & book
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 • eBook Publisher: William Morrow
 • eBook Publishing Date: September 4, 2012
 • Book Edition Binding: Hardcover
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 • Language: English

 • Also available: In the NEW eBook Format

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Our September 2012 eBA DVICE in Spanish:
...un Nuevo Mes ...un Nuevo Libro de Baloncesto Recomendado por eBA !
Innovación en el Deporte Por Roberto Silva Piñeiro
Innovación en el Deporte
Por Roberto Silva Piñeiro

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Amazon Books Preview
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Last eBA Encyclopedia Developments

Last Term/s & Concept/s Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

Bird Rights ~ Block to block Screen ~ Responsible Freedom ~ Players and Basketball Rules Changes ~ Stepping Stone Method ~ Thumb to Eyebrow ~ Isolation ~ Double Down Off the Passer ~ Step into the Pass ~ Basketball Player Concepts ~ Parameter ~ Points/zero point possession ~ Cornerman ~ Responsible freedom ~ Double win

New Article/s & Update/s Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

Basketball Traveling: Rule and Statistics Tracking

Last Term/s & Concept/s in Spanish Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

Poste Repetidor ~ Libertad Responsable ~ Defensa Individual en Media Pista ( Vídeo ) ~ Sistema del Escalamiento ~ Tiro Decisivo ~ Improvisación ~ La Adaptación a la Lucha ~ Cortar el Pase ~ Decálogo de un Entrenador ~ Parámetro ~ Centro de la Ciudad ~ Batir ~ Libertad Responsable ~ Contribución ~ Espejar el balón ~ Factor ritmo

New Article/s & Update/s in Spanish Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

Caminar en Baloncesto: Regla y Registro Estadístico

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eBA SYSTEM Basketball Statistics Case Studies
Last Month Case Study Conclusion:

About Basketball Field Goals Tracking Case Study

"... A3 shoots but fouls B5 ...
1. before the ball is in flight;
2. after the ball is in flight but before A3 has returned to the floor; or
3. after the ball is in flight and A3 has returned to the floor.

What is the proper ruling and the correct INDIVIDUAL or COLLECTIVE statistical registration according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System including the type of the registration ( type of turnover; forced, unforced, individual or collective turnover, good or bad foul; close, long, disputed or undisputed rebound; assist made, potential, missed or double assist; etc. ) ..."

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