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from the eBA Permanent Clinic Last Month Meetings:

About Basketball Assists & Potential Assists

For the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis the most important pass in Basketball is not the assist, but the pass that leads to the assist.

A basketball play usually develops with two or three passes before the score. And the game analyst see plays begin to develop long before they actually happen. Team's strong inclination for making the right pass early in a possession often leads to an easy shot – even when he doesn't get the assist.

When we speaks about potential assists we are not speaking about those MISSED ones as the assists NOT CONCRETIZED, by example missed assists disappointingly unsuccessful by fouls, bad bounces or missed shot from sure points as under the basket.

About Basketball Assists and Potential Assists

Potential assist is the pass to another player, being oneself in a good shooting position, which misses the shot. For the passer only counts as a possession if the shot goes into the basket.
Had the passer shot the ball himself, it would counts in the direction of possession usage, careless of whether the shot went in.

But when he passes it off to a teammate, the stats register this possession for him as an assist only if the shot goes in: so, the eBA System register for this passer a "potential assist" at the game analysis chapter.

Both, the missed and the potential assists are registered in the eBA System as a game analysis element, not receiving any rate in any valuation rating.

This document contains selected excerpts from the
"eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis"
by Prof. Roberto Azar

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Our September 2014 RECOMMENDATION !
Ball Pressure Match-Up Defense with  Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach
Gregg Marshall:
' Ball Pressure Match-Up Defense '

with Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach
NCAA Men's Division I Regional (2013)
NIT Championship (2011)
7x Big South Tournament Champions (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007)
6x Big South Regular Season Champions (1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007)
2x Missouri Valley Regular Season Champions (2012, 2014)
Hugh Durham National Coach of the Year (2007)
4x Big South Coach of the Year (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007)
2x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year (2012, 2013)

Coach Gregg Marshall teaches his match-up zone with on-court demonstration and reinforces the points of emphasis with game footage.
The defense keeps pressure on the basketball and discourages easy entry into the middle.

To learn more and read the complete review !
And also watch the 'Live Footage' of this DVD in a 'limited preview' from Hoops King ! !
... click here and go to eBA Portal

• Actor: Gregg Marshall
• Region: All Regions
• Format: Color, Director's Cut, Full Screen
• Language: English
• Number of discs: 1
• Studio: HoopsKing
• DVD Release Date: December 31th. 2013
• Run Time: 43 Minutes.

to the eBA complete review

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The NEW Basketball Coaching DVDs of THIS MONTH:

•  Roy Williams: All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice 3 Pack DVD with Roy Williams
•  La Forrest Larson: Simplified Run & Jump Press with Forrest Larson
•  Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight: Learn from the Legends Series ~ 6-Pack DVD with Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight

After a preliminary group analysis, the eBA Team
recommends only the highest quality good basketball books, eBooks and DVDs ! This is our vocation !

Buy With CONFIDENCE and Without INTERMEDIARIES ! Avoid to buy by way of an only email-link to the product... read and examine in detail our reviews, eBA DVICES and recommendations... before ! Thank You !

Last Hot Statistics Posts at the eBA FORUMS:

A relation between Free Throws and home performance advantage ~ 349,312 Views ~
eBA Basketball Statistics System V: Chapter 5.4 ~ The Basketball Assists Analysis ~ 537,227 Views ~

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Basketball Statistics Case Studies

Last Bulletin Case Study Conclusion:

About Different Situations in a Basketball Shot Case Study

As the shot clock is about to expire, A1 shoots and the ball without doubt is in flight before the buzzer.

 • case a) The shot-clock buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air and the ball strikes the basket ring or enters the basket.
 • case b) The shot-clock buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air, the ball fails to hit the ring, and A2 rebounds.
 • case c) The shot-clock buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air, the ball fails to hit the ring, and B3 rebounds at the right wing of the court.
 • case d) The ball fails to hit the ring and the shot clock buzzer sounds as B3 rebounds.
 • case e) The ball hits the ring and the shot-clock buzzer sounds as B3 rebounds over A4.

What is the proper ruling and the correct INDIVIDUAL or COLLECTIVE statistical registration according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System including the type of the registration ( type of turnover; forced, unforced, individual or collective turnover, good or bad foul; close, long, disputed or undisputed rebound; assist made, potential, missed or double assist; etc. ) ..."

About Basketball Shots


eBA System Statistics Fundamentals:
A player should not be charged for a shot from the field influenced by the illegal actions of himself or herself, or any teammates or opponents unless the shot results in a FGM.

eBA Basketball Statistical Tracking:

In all cases, no turnover is charged !

• In (a) the horn is ignored. Charge A1 with a FGA and, if the shot is good, credit A1 with a FGM;

• in (b), (c) and (d) the officials call the violation and Team B is awarded the ball for a throwin. Charge A1 with a FGA and credit Team B with a dead-ball rebound;

• in (e) the officials do not call a violation and Team B continues control of the ball. Charge A1 with a FGA and credit B3 with a disputed rebound.

This Case Study was presented as every last Thursday of each Trimester, on June 26th, 2014 in our eBA Portal: were sent 1,078 answers, 379 partial answers and 356 totally correct, that's means including all the options, registrations and qualifications.

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"eBA Basketball Statistics Case Studies"
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Last Statistics Post at the Basketball Statistics Blogs:

•  Basketball Statistics Referred Concepts: Reflections about Statistics Lies, Uses and Misuses of Statistical Graphics ~ 546,782 Views

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