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Good to know ...!


Cuestiones de Registro de las Estadísticas del Baloncesto
To the problems discovered in Facebook (see previous status) now joins LinkedIn ...

We are connected to 50 + / - Basketball Groups in LinkedIn, and if only 1 group manager tags you as "needs moderation," for whatever purpose, then LI compulsorily proscribes you for making contributions to ALL your other groups ! How absurd !.

Some LinkedIn groups are the complete antipode of freedom of speech ! It has also been speculated by others who are up-to-date victims of this type of group moderation, that LinkedIn moderators conspicuously have their own agendas and aren’t putting content live from individuals who they see as a menace or contest ...
THE DOGS ARE BARKING, SANCHO ! It is a sign that we are advancing....!
( Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra from: Don Quixote )

Problemas con LinkedIn ...

As an immediate outcome of this we have decided to simply dismiss ourselves from these groups:
( Why ? Please, read again the last paragraph ... ! )
Basketball Coaches -,
NBA Alumni;
Basketball Coaches: The Cross Over Movement; British Basketball Network;
I love this game; AAU Basketball;
Basketball Coaches In Search of a coaching Position; The Business of Basketball; etc.

and continue doing what we do in the far superior Google Plus communities we are a part of and moderated as our Community:

BASKETBALL for Everyone ! All the BASKETBALL !

and also we continue interacting in the following HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LinkedIn Groups where moderators and members RESPECT BASKETBALL:

•  "Ex-Yugoslavia" basketball coaching group
•  African Basketball Organization (ABO)
•  Australian Basketball Network
•  Basketball Network
•  Basketball World
•  BBT (Evolutionary Basketball Training)
•  Dutch Basketball Network
•  Elite Basketball Services
•  TXRecruiter.COM
•  Useful Tools for Sports Teams

Additionally, in attempting to join the group 'Professional International Basketball Network', our request is pending since two years ago ( and we'll NOT DELETE IT ! ) and the "moderator" has not responded to a single email from us; and we have sent many emails ...

Fortunately, there are other media's in which to work. LinkedIn & FaceBook are still not the only one out there !

Best Regards
The eBA Team

12 ( TWELVE ! ) Sites in English Headlines:
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eBA Portal: Case Study 'About Basketball Field Goals Statistics Tracking' Presentation for November ~ December 2013
eBA System: Uploaded the Basketball Player Capsule: Anthony Parker ( PDF Sample ) !
eBA Clinics: The Chapter I: Basketball Statistics and Statisticians WAS REVISED AND COMPLETED !
eBA Encyclopedia: Working Again in Full Swing After the 'Tiki Consultants Disaster' ! New Term Added: Basketball Traveling Rule (Video)
eBA Blogs: Basketball Statistics Concepts: About Basketball Per-Minute Statistics and the Player Contribution Measure
eBA Forums: Current Hot Topic - A Basketball Loose Ball: Statistical Classification & Analysis
eBA Store: Best Seller this MONTH - Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight: Learn from the Legends Series ~ 6-Pack DVD
eBA Facebook: Due to violations of our privacy, eBA Facebook works in "automatic mode" ! eBA is LIVE at Google +
eBA Twitter: All the eBA Articles, Forum Messages, Blog Posts and eBA Great AS Debate Posts on a daily basis !
eBA You Tube: Videos from Geno Auriemma, Bob Knight, Bob McKillop, Tara VanDerveer, Ryan Looney, John Calipari, & Mike Krzyzewski !
eBA Google +: Our Weekly Events, Basketball Websites, Books & DVDs eBADVICES Reviews & Recommendations only at eBA Google + !
eBA Great DEBATE: Advanced Or/And/With Conventional Stats... ! Last Message! 'A Culture of Mystery Enclosing Franchises' Statistics'

based on the eBA Team's Personal Reviews and our Registered Members' Recommendations !
1 ( LR: - )

Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight:
Learn from the Legends Series 
6-Pack DVD with
Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight

Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight: Learn from the Legends Series ~ 6-Pack DVD with Geno Auriemma and Bob Knight

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
2 ( LR: 1 )

Roy Williams:
All Access
North Carolina
Basketball Practice
3 Pack DVD with Roy Williams

Roy Williams: All Access North Carolina Basketball Practice 3 Pack DVD with Roy Williams

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
3( LR: 2 )

Duke Basketball Drills Series
5 DVDs
by Jeff Capel,
Christopher Collins
and Steven Wojciechowski:
Mike Krzyzewski Coaching Staff

Duke Basketball Drills Series ~ 5 DVDs by Jeff Capel, Christopher Collins and Steven Wojciechowski

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
4 ( LR: 3 )

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success
by Phil Jackson
and Hugh Delehanty

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

To the eBA Review,
Amazon Preview
& Videos...

5 ( LR: - )

Forrest Larson:
Simplified Run & Jump Press

Forrest Larson: Simplified Run & Jump Press

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
 • between ( LR ) Last Ranking

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Basketball DVDs Catalogue ...

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But instead of going to the uncontrolled and unqualified quantity, we are building social network targeted audiences: therefore in our networks we only receive and look for basketball professionals, followers or supporters in general, and/or belonging to our specific area: the basketball statistics creative analysis !

So, we are privileged to host you in one or all our social or professional networks, and feel sure to be into a narrow and deep ( we are not looking for 1,000,000 of 'likes'...! ) core group with the same interests and professions of the professional niche to which you belong !

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