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Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !

This year, as we blow out the 13 candles on our anniversary cake, our positive thoughts go to all daily visitors, registered members, partners and colleagues who have confided in our talent and supported us over this thirteen years of successful activities.

The history of the eBA Stats Group is well-documented in our sites, including 'our old sweet home' corner at our eBA Portal.

But rather, if we consider our 13 years with a candle pattern, it might be of some value to remember a development per candle as we blow out them all in celebration...

In the frame of mind of top-13 lists then, let's do a candle countdown, each candle representing an important moment since the birth of the eBA Stats network age.

Candle Thirteen: Thirteen years ago this evening, on 24 December 1998, 20:00 GMT, a really scary big button in an old 386 Computer was pressed and the Website went online for the first time....

Candle Twelve: This Website was the first component of the actual Basketball Statistical Creative Analysis eBA Stats Group, nowadays a group of 11 Websites !, and from a start of hits numbered in the thousands, the sites now get almost 20 million hits a year.

Candle Eleven: The Basketball Statistics Forums, an independent site from the eBA Stats Group, surpassed this year the number of 5,000 involved members and is the most active basketball statistics analysis forum in the web with an average of 1,000 unique visitors a day ! Most of the threads are reaching the 100,000 views !

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eBA Stats Group  wishes to everybody,
our publishers, editors and registered members,
our friends coaches participants in the courses and clinics,
our advertisers and sponsors, our readers and thousands of daily guests,
our families, colleagues and personal friends...

( ¿ ... do you want to read it in all the languages spoken
in our basketball statisticians community ... ? ) the the frame of mind of the 13 candles then...

A  Happy Birthday, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
May the season bring you joy and good cheer!

Good to know ...!

• Today December 24th, eBA Stats turns 13 on the Web, and we celebrate returning from today to our eBA Full Registered Members the 10% of the amount of their purchases throughout the eBA Stats Group Sites on free months of membership ! Here's how !

• A new chapter of the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System was uploaded: "The Basketball Points Off Turnovers Statistical Analysis & Tracking"

• The eBA Basketball Encyclopedia surpassed this month the 3,000 basketball and statistics terms and concepts !

Clinics & Courses eBA ONLINE

The eBA Basketball Statistics Annual Clinic, carried out with the graduates of the courses until 2010, has achieved its goal in the current semester and has completed the task of the eBA Basketball Statistics Book program.

Over the next two months, January and February, eBA Annual Clinic will be at our traditional vacations, when half of the the participant enjoy their summer, while the rest stay "at home", next to the heater, ordering the next task ! Happy Holidays !

A report of actions taken during this successful semester, was uploaded at the eBA Clinic ~ Site News (on the right hand column at the top). .

( ... read the Weekly Conclusions at 'eBA Clinics > Site News' from the Right Menu ! ... ).

Last 5 Statistics Posts at the eBA BLOGS:

•  Basketball Tracking Stats Referred Questions: 2 Seconds To Go, 2 Points Ahead and Last Free Throw
•  Video Case Study: Free Throw Intentionally Missed & Lane Violation
•  Basketball Statistics Referred Concepts: The Basketball Team Rebounds ~ Concept & Statistics
•  Sunday's Reflexions on Basketball Statistics: About the Basketball Second Chance Points
•  Tracking Stats Referred Questions: Illegal Lane Invasion on a Last Free Throw Case Statistical Tracking

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from the eBA Annual Clinic Last 2011 Meeting:

Selected Excerpts from the eBA Clinic Discussions

About the Basketball Turnovers Statistics

"... Is there an influence of the 'game pace' on the 'turnover ratios' of individual players ? ..."

"... About the "Game Pace" factor: The "Game Pace" is a factor which takes into account the fact that some teams play at a faster pace than others, and therefore individual statistics may be padded for players on those teams that do play at a faster pace.
Pace factor is an estimate of the number of possessions per 48 or 40 minutes by a team and its opponents. It is calculated as follows:

Pace = 48 ( or 40 ) * [ 0.44*(tmFTA + oppFTA) + tmFGA + oppFGA + tmTO + oppTO - tmORB - oppORB / 2 * tmMP ] ..."

"... About the 'pace' and the turnovers: There is a connected increase in the number of TO due to pace: as pace increases, players/teams get more TO/Min and TO/G.

Therefore we may suppose the sooner your team shoots the ball, the less probably you have a chance for a TO. Or that time of possession is what's mutually related to TO. But, while the presumption is that a faster pace means more errors and more turnovers, if you shoot the ball before you pass it, you turn the ball over less. So, generally, turnover rates do not become larger with quicker pace.
In this case, you wouldn't expect players' turnover rates to vary too much.
Many other factors could have an effect upon TO rates/possession used or touch year to year:
-different players in the same organization
-modifications to an organization that does not suit a particular player's style
-injuries (players depending on first step with knee/ankle injuries, and injured wrist, etc.) ..."

"... About 'controlling the tempo': This discussion always leads to the question whether "controlling the tempo" is anything different from being able to successfully run one's sets and being able to keep the other team from being able to successfully run their sets, to cause the opponent´s turnovers and to avoid to turn one´s possessions over. There, I think, two sides of the question:

1) Can teams gain a significant edge by forcing a given tempo. Can you can build a team to play well at a certain pace (fast/slow), and then force your opponents to play at that pace?

2) Are there teams that do particularly good jobs at controlling the tempo based on in game situation? It's obviously better to play slow when you are ahead and fast when you are behind (all other things being equal). Do certain winner teams do this significantly better than others? ..."

This document contains selected excerpts from the
"eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis"
by Prof. Roberto Azar

© Copyright 1998-2013®
All rights reserved

based on the eBA Team's Personal Reviews and our Registered Members' Recommendations !
1 ~

The Wisdom of Wooden:
My Century
On and Off the Court

By John Wooden
and Steve Jamison

The Wisdom of Wooden: My Century On and Off the Court By John Wooden and Steve Jamison

To the eBA Review,
Google Preview
& Videos...
2 ~

All Access Duke Basketball Practice (2010-11)

By Mike Krzyzewski

All Access Duke Basketball Practice 2010-11 with Mike Krzyzewski

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
3 ~

Advanced Basketball Defense:
The World's
Most Complete
Illustrated Guide
For Coaches, Players
& Die-Hard Fans

by Ernie Woods

Advanced Basketball Defense: The World's Most Complete Illustrated Guide For Coaches, Players & Die-Hard Fans by Ernie Woods

To the eBA Review,
Amazon Preview
& Videos...
4 ~

All Access DeMatha
Catholic High School
Basketball Practice

with Mike Jones and Alan Stein

Mike Jones with Alan Stein All Access DeMatha Catholic High School Basketball Practice

To the eBA Review,
Live Footage
& Videos...
5 ~

Playbook for Success:
A Hall of Famer's Business Tactics
for Teamwork and Leadership

by Nancy Lieberman

Playbook for Success: A Hall of Famer's Business Tactics for Teamwork and Leadership by Nancy Lieberman

To the eBA Review,
Google Preview
& Videos...
 • between ( LR ) Last Ranking

Basketball Books & eBooks Catalogue...

Basketball DVDs Catalogue...

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Basketball Statistics Methods & Formulas (3rd & Last Part)

Efficiency Ratings Historical Revision


TBPS, by Kay (1966): Kay, one of the pioneer authors in the study of the evaluation of the player's efficiency at Basketball games, presented a statistics denominated Total Basketball Proficiency Score (TBPS), calculated by assigning certain values to the following statistics: (the inclusion of the 3 points valuation is an adaptation from Janeira in 1988)

3 Points shot made: +3 points
3 Points shot missed: -1 point
2 Points shot made: +2 points
2 Points shot missed: -1 point
Free Throw made: +1 point
Free Throw missed: -1 point
Assist: +1 point
Defensive Rebound: +1 point
Offensive Rebound: +2 points
Steal: +1 point
Personal Foul: -1 point
Turnover: -1 point

TBPS= Points Made - 2 & 3 Points Missed - Free Throws Missed + Assists +
             Defensive Rebound + Offensive Rebounds * 2 +
             Steals - Turnovers - Personal Fouls


Ask the 1st. Part 'Modern Individual Basketball Stats'
& the 2nd. Part 'Modern Team Basketball Stats' Newsletters ! ...

Read more "Basketball Statistics Methods & Formulas" ...

"Basketball Statistics Methods & Formulas"
from the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System is permanent section
included in our newsletters sent to our registered members.

Last Terms & Concepts Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

The Bubble
Educación de la Voluntad ( in Spanish )

Read more at eBA ENCYCLOPEDIA ...
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Our December 2011 RECOMMENDATION !
...a New Week ...a New Basketball eBook eBADVICE !
Playing With Purpose ! Basketball: Inside the Lives and Faith of Top NBA Stars by Mike Yorkey
Playing With Purpose: Basketball
Inside the Lives and Faith of Top NBA Stars
By Mike Yorkey

"... Just in time for the new NBA season, Playing with Purpose: Basketball chronicles the lives of several players who stand strong for their Christian faith on the professional hardwoods.

Veteran CBA author Mike Yorkey, whose Playing with Purpose biography of NFL rookies Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Colt McCoy was a best-seller, now profiles NBA stars both established and up-and-coming--such as Jeremy Lin, Kyle Korver, Anthony Parker, Luke Ridnour, Derek Fisher, and Chris Kaman. ..."

"... As a coach, I’m always looking for both talent and character. Playing with Purpose: Basketball will introduce you to ten professionals whose faith is as strong as their court presence. You’ll love their story. ...” Mike Krzyzewski , “Coach K” Duke University

Read in the eBA PORTAL the complete review of 'Playing With Purpose: Basketball', learn more,
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 • Authors: Mike Yorkey
 • Format: eBook & Book
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 • Language: English

 • Also available: In the classic hardcover edition

... more  Playing With Purpose ! Basketball: Inside the Lives and Faith of Top NBA Stars by Mike Yorkey  info at ...

Playing With Purpose ! Basketball: Inside the Lives and Faith of Top NBA Stars by Mike Yorkey

Our December 2011 eBA DVICE in Spanish was:
Una Nueva Semana... Un Nuevo Libro Recomendado por eBA ...
El andar del borracho por Leonard Mlodinow
El andar del borracho
Cómo el Azar Gobierna Nuestras Vidas
por Leonard Mlodinow

Read the full review and browse 'El andar del borracho'
with the 'Google Preview'
in the Spanish version of our portal: El Portal eBA

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Basketball Statistics Case Studies

This Month Case Study Conclusion:

Attempting to Make a Throw-in Case Study

" ... A1 is holding the ball out of bounds and is attempting to make a throw-in. However, the inbounds pass ...

(a) lodges on the rim,

(b) comes to rest on the flange of the basket, or

(c) goes through the basket.

What is the proper ruling and the correct INDIVIDUAL or COLLECTIVE statistical registration according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System including the type of the registration ( type of turnover; forced, unforced, individual or collective turnover, good or bad foul; close, long, disputed or undisputed rebound; assist made, potential, missed or double assist; etc. ) ..."

Basketball Statistics Philosophy:

The purpose of a turnover is to reflect statistically the times in which a team was given the ball and should have gotten some kind of shot but, before it could get any kind of shot, made some type of mistake that turned the ball over to the opponent.

eBA System Statistics Fundamentals:

A turnover can only be charged against the offense; that is, the team with the ball. A team becomes the team with the ball when it has control (including during free throws) or is entitled to the ball for either a throw-in or a free throw.

There will be some errors that will not result in the charging of a turnover because they did not involve the turning of the ball over to the opponent.

Errors that occur at approximately the same time a team becomes entitled to the ball should not be considered turnovers.

The team should have time to realize it has the ball before being charged with turnovers.

eBA Basketball Statistical Tracking:

• In all cases, this is a violation and Team B will be awarded the ball. Charge A1 with a FORCED TURNOVER, but no field-goal attempt;

• in (c) the basket does not count, so no field goal made or attempted should be charged.

This Case Study was presented as every 15th. day of each month, on November 15th, 2011 in our eBA Portal: were sent 1,267 answers, 116 partial answers and 985 totally correct, that's means including all the options, registrations and qualifications.

A Six Month Free eBA Full Member Registration
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"eBA Basketball Statistics Case Studies"
from the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System is permanent section
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