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Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !

Our First Year on the Web...
Fifteen years ago this evening, on 24 December 1998, 20:00 GMT, I pressed a really scary big button in an old 386 Computer and the website went online for the first time. This site was the first site of the actual eBA Stats Group and from a start of hits numbered in the thousands, the site now gets almost 10 million hits a year...
Happy 15th Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !The second birthday...
During 1999, the web site, which has been built as a Basketball in general and Statistics in particular labor of love, took its first steps onto the World Wide Web with the launch of the forums, the clinics and the directories sections. ......

Our third candle...
It’s weird and unworldly to imagine the Web when we started this site. Yahoo started about 1994. Google appears just with us. Nobody worried about PageRank back then, but we were quite pleased to be listed from the first days in all the Internet Directories. Netscape 1.0 was released in December 1994, and Internet Explorer first appeared in 1995......

The fourth celebration...
The site boasted a number of online-only features: a basketball store, a forum where basketball people could post questions and answers and debate about basketball statistics analysis, and a link for readers to comment on case studies and send feedback to the editor.......

During the following years on the Web...
Though our original web page at geocities and xoom ( ) - with the "famous" bouncing basketball... - are probably lost to the winds of time, here's a version of our page from the first years... sorry about the design !
Thanks to the Internet Archive and reliving one’s formative years, here's what the site looked like in eBA Stats 2002 and eBA Stats 2004 as well ! ......

Nine years ago...
While the history of eBA-Stats is a well-covered topic throughout the site, the impact of the network age, which coincidentally began around the same time our analysis system was released, even today, year 2013, it's difficult to measure, but also something to reflect upon and celebrate in tandem with eBA's birthday: the eBA Stats Group was born !

The® Group - Portal in ~ Forums in ~ Encyclopedia in ~ Clinics in ~ Blogs in & eBA Store - begins to become a primary source of information and services for basketball coaches at the game statistical analysis area. In these years of professional life, the® Group became the quickest and modern road to that information

The candle number 14...
The® site started as a one-site-10 pages labor of love, has grown beyond all expectations: today the eBA Stats Group is comprised by 20 sites and more than 55.000 pages (and still counting...) !
It is still a labor of love, and its popularity due to YOUR SUPPORT means that each month approximately four million pages are viewed !
Therefore we needed to migrate ( fourth time in 15 years...! ) to a new, best and exclusive VPS server, including a dedicated IP, which assured us a 100% uptime for the last years !

Our struggles for our privacy in Facebook and certain Linked In Groups that do not publish our contributions for fear of competition, together with the fact that the 'Professional International Basketball Network' Linked In Group led by the Gurus of the Advanced Statistics has our admission pending from three years ago ... ( they also fear us ? ) give us the pattern that ...
(from 'Don Quixote' by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

Fifteen years later, I am taking a few moments for a deep breath and a little reflection:® Group is still one of the largest non-commercial & bilingual basketball statistics analysis group websites in the world...!


eBA Stats Group  wishes to everybody,
our publishers, editors and registered members,
our friends coaches participants in the courses and clinics,
our advertisers and sponsors, our readers and thousands of daily guests,
our families, colleagues and personal friends...

( ¿ ... do you want to read it in all the languages spoken
in our basketball statisticians community ... ? ) the the frame of mind of 15 candles then...

A  Happy Birthday, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
May the season bring you joy and good cheer!

Good to know ...!

• Today December 24th, eBA Stats turns 15 on the Web, and we celebrate returning from today to our
   eBA Full Registered Members the 10% of the amount of their purchases throughout the
   eBA Stats Group Sites on free months of membership ! Here's how !

• At the beginning of this month of our 15th Anniversary in the cloud ( December 24th, 20:00 ), we renovate our
   photo section, totally dedicated to basketball and linked to a related articles, at eBA Facebook and
   eBA Google + ! Everybody is Welcome !

• A new chapter of the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System was uploaded: "Basketball Points and Rebounds
   Report ~ PDF Doc"

• The eBA Basketball Encyclopedia surpassed this month, after the TikiWiki consultants' disaster, the 4,000
   basketball and statistics terms and concepts

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Clinics & Courses eBA ONLINE

The eBA Basketball Statistics Annual Clinic, carried out with the graduates of the courses until 2011, has achieved its goal in the current semester and has completed the task of the eBA Basketball Statistics Book program.

Over the next two months, January and February, eBA Annual Clinic will be at our traditional vacations, when half of the the participant enjoy their summer, while the rest stay "at home", next to the heater, ordering the next task ! Happy Holidays !

A report of actions taken during this successful semester, was uploaded at the eBA Clinic ~ Site News (on the right hand column at the top). .

( ... read the Weekly Conclusions at 'eBA Clinics > Site News' from the Right Menu ! ... ).

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•  Basketball Statistics Tracking Referred Questions: No Basketball Time Out nor Change without Clock ~ Rule and the Stats Charting
•  Friday Press Clippings: Charley Rosen Explains Why Statistics Can be Very Misleading By David Friedman

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from the eBA Annual Clinic Last 2013 Meeting:

Selected Excerpts from the eBA Clinic Discussions: from the 7th. Exposition

About the Basketball Team Defense Analysis

"... As far as you analyze one's basketball team defense, the question any statistician would have to ask is: what does the individual player do to prevent points from being scored ? and what does he do to enable his team to score more points than the other team ? Steals and defensive rebounds are distinctly important in that context, since each takes a possession away from the opponent.

Fouls are important, since a good batch of the time they directly lead to the opponent getting free throws. Blocked shots, while interesting for the fans, is of borderline value, since it only decreases the other teams FG%, and does not assure a change of possession. A plus / minus chart, indicating the margin of points the teams scores in relation to their opponent when a player is on the court, would also be useful, since it allows us to compare individual players to their teammates and to other players around the league.

Getting steals and creating turnovers with a trapping, opportunist defense, getting a lot of deflections and a lot of loose balls, means to annul the opponent transition game, and shows full and continue activity of the defender players.

Remember from a previous discussion (2012) the Steals & Turnovers eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System Breakdown:

• WHERE ? 'by place' ( 1st., 2nd., 3rd. or 4th. quarters of the court;
   into the 3-points area; into the paint; under the basket; etc. );

• WHAT ? 'by type' ( bad [bounce, chest, one handed, etc.] pass;
   traveling; 3, 5, 8 & 24 seconds violations; ball handling; stolen from;
   drive into help defense; double dribble; blocked shot; offensive foul;
   carrying; offensive goaltending; basket interference; jump ball;
   backcourt violation; defensive three-second violation [ only NBA ];
   intentional foul; kicking; etc. );

• HOW ? 'by situation in the game' ( 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, etc. );

• WHEN ? 'by the game clock' ( 1st., 2nd, 3rd. or 4th. period;
   last 3 minutes of each period; last 5 minutes of the game;
   overtimes; etc. );

   'by the 24 second-clock' ( between 24/17 seconds;
   16/9 seconds; 8/5 seconds and into the last 4 seconds ); etc.; etc.

We know very well those players which strengths are definitely defense and steals. When they start to get steals in a game, they feel that it picks everyone up and it affects the other team psychologically. The opposing team becomes scared to bring the ball up against those players and then the stealer's confidence level goes up and it's easier to play and this boosts their offensive game as well.

Also the basketball weight trainers understand that basketball training or basketball weight training must be designed to optimally elevate the vertical jump, speed, and stamina on the court. This means more blocked shots, steals and successful fast breaks which will translate to more team
wins ! ... "

This document contains selected excerpts from the
"eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis"
by Prof. Roberto Azar

© Copyright 1998-2013®
All rights reserved

based on the eBA Team's Personal Reviews and our Registered Members' Recommendations !

Duke Basketball Drills Series
5 DVDs
by Jeff Capel,
Christopher Collins
and Steven Wojciechowski:
Mike Krzyzewski Coaching Staff

Duke Basketball Drills Series ~ 5 DVDs by Jeff Capel, Christopher Collins and Steven Wojciechowski

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Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

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All Access St. Anthony HS
Basketball Practice
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All Access Basketball Practice 3-Pack DVDs with Bob Hurley

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Girls Basketball Series in 7 DVDs
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The AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series ~ 7 DVDs by Sherri Coale

To the eBA Review,
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 • between ( LR ) Last Ranking

Basketball Books & eBooks Catalogue ...

Basketball DVDs Catalogue ...

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eBA Spanish version, ask for the Spanish Version of this NL or read just now this Newsletter in Spanish !

After a preliminary group analysis, the eBA Team
recommends only the highest quality good basketball books, eBooks and DVDs ! This is our vocation !

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Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

Last 5 Terms & Concepts Added to the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia:

Closely Guarded Player ( with Video )
Basketball Traveling Rule ( with Video)
Weak Side Screen
Panic Press Defense
In Spanish:
Transición Rápida ( con Vídeo )
Falta Múltiple
Defensa de Pánico a Presión

Read more at eBA ENCYCLOPEDIA ...
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A New Year... A new Basketball DVD eBA DVICE...

Secondary Break into Half Court Offense with Larry Brown, SMU Head Coach
Secondary Break into Half Court Offense
with Larry Brown, SMU Head Coach

with Larry Brown, SMU Head Coach;
distinguished member of the Basketball Hall of Fame (2002);
the sixth-winningest coach in NBA history (1,098 career victories);
former head coach at University of Kansas, Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Bobcats;
only head coach to win both an NCAA title (Kansas - 1998)
and an NBA Championship (Detroit - 2004)

• See eight quick hitting scoring options out of the Carolina secondary break that lead into
  Coach Brown's Ball Screen Offense

• Efficiently utilize your practice time by building your fast break during warm ups

• Learn different late game options for looks from multiple players

• Get valuable coaching advice from Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown that will help you build your program and build on your players' strengths

to learn more, to read the complete review and the 'Live Footage' of this DVD,
... click here and go to eBA Blog

Actors: Larry Brown,
Region: All Regions
Format: Color, Director's Cut, Full Screen
Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Championship Productions
Date Edition: NEW on July 26, 2013 !
Run Time: 81 minutes

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Championship Productions



Basketball Statistics Case Studies

Last Month Case Study Conclusion:

About Basketball Rebounds Statistics Tracking Case Study

" ... A2 shoots and the shot is blocked by B5.

1. B3 gains control of the blocked shot;

2. A1 gains control of the blocked shot;

3. A1 and B3 retrieve the ball simultaneously and a held ball is called; or

4. the ball goes out of bounds before either team gains control.

What is the proper ruling and the correct INDIVIDUAL or COLLECTIVE statistical registration according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System including the type of the registration ( type of turnover; forced, unforced, individual or collective turnover, good or bad foul; close, long, disputed or undisputed rebound; assist made, potential, missed or double assist; etc. ) ..."


• Basketball Statistics Philosophy:

A player should be credited with a rebound only if the player earned that rebound before the ball was dead. What happened after the ball became dead and what would have happened had the ball not become dead might be different.

• eBA System Statistics Fundamentals:

The statistician should not attempt to decide what would have happened, but should decide only what did happen. However, if there is doubt about player control, the statistician may assume that there was control.

• eBA Basketball Statistical Tracking:

In 1., the statistician must determine which was most substantial, the block by B5 or the battle of B3 to recover the blocked shot.

If the statistician feels that the block by B5 was most substantial, credit B5 with an UNDER BASKET ( from right or left ? ) CLOSE and DISPUTED individual rebound FROM 2 POINTS in the BLOCK SHOTS category and credit B5 with a BLOCKED SHOT with ball possession.

If the statistician feels that the battle of B3 was most substantial, credit B3 with the UNDISPUTED individual rebound FROM 2 POINTS.

In 2., credit A1 with an UNDISPUTED individual rebound FROM 2 POINTS.
Credit B5 with a BLOCKED SHOT without ball possession.

In 3., if Team A is awarded the ball for a throw-in, credit A1 with an DISPUTED individual rebound FROM 2 POINTS in the HELD BALL with alternated-possession-rule.

If Team B is awarded the ball for a throw-in, credit either B5 or B3 with an individual rebound FROM 2 POINTS in the HELD BALL with alternated-possession-rule.

Credit B5 with a BLOCKED SHOT without ball possession.

In 4., credit a UNDISPUTED TEAM REBOUND to the team awarded the ball for the throw-in.
Credit B5 with a BLOCKED SHOT without ball possession.

This Case Study was presented as every 15th. day every two months, on November 15th, 2013 in our eBA Portal: were sent 1,347 answers, 109 partial answers and 1093 totally correct, that's means including all the options, registrations and qualifications.

A Six Month Free eBA Full Member Registration
was sent to those who submitted the correct answers !

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"eBA Basketball Statistics Case Studies"
from the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System is permanent section
included in the newsletter sent every fourth week of each month.

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