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all the basketball eBAWORDS in a unique glossary !


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How Dan Muller Defends Baseline Out of Bounds

In a collaborative project between the eBA Stats Team (external link) and the Editors and Publishers Registered Members, we began in April 2007, the transferring task of all the contents of our Global Basketball Directory (external link) to the wiki format in this new space of (external link), giving place to the GLOBAL BASKETBALL ENCYCLOPEDIA.

New data may be added, and the existing terms may be corrected and / or commented. New links to any site or consulting material referred to the concept may be added, corrected or republished...

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A real collaborative work based on the wiki technology and the eBA Group (external link)'s experience !

This project was originated in our old, improved and excellent Global Basketball Directory (external link) and was used as didactic material in training clinics from USA, México, Argentine and Spain !

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collaborative project !

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a proyect by Prof. Roberto Azar.

The eBA Basketball Statistics Register "Case Studies".

The eBA System, the Case Studies and the eBA Encyclopedia are from today on OPEN READING docs, and ONLY the access to the edition areas and posting comments are reserved to the eBA 2015/16 Registered Members as Editors or Publishers.

Best wishes for success in this new project of the eBA Group (external link) !

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'Duke Five Minutes shooting Drill' por Bob Hurley !

The Best Basketball Coaching Quotes

“... My dad always had this little sign on his desk: "The bigger your head is, the easier your shoes are to fill." He really drilled that in. ...”
Phil Jackson

“... Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. ...”
John Wooden

“... When you are passionate, you always have your destination in sight and you are not distracted by obstacles. Because you love what you are pursuing, things like rejection and setbacks will not hinder you in your pursuit. You believe that nothing can stop you! ...”
Mike Krzyzewski

“... People want national championship banners. People want to talk about Indiana being competitive. How do we get there? We don't get there with milk and cookies. ...”
Bob Knight

“... No matter how good you are, at the top of your game, always remember that you are a half step away from the bench. ...”
Hubie Brown

“... If they don't let me coach, they might as well take me to the Lexington Cemetery. ...”
Adolph Rupp

“... I think everybody can be better than they think they can be. And I don't let them dictate - I dictate that ! ...”
Bob Hurley

“... When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, its ready to climb. ...”
Pat Riley

“... Basketball doesn't care what color your skin is. It doesn't care what language you speak or what religion you practice. It doesn't care if you're big or small, fast or slow. It simply asks you to play, to compete, to lose with dignity, to win with humility, to make your teammates look good, and to respect your opponent. ...”
Jim Calhoun

“... If you make every game a life and death proposition, you're going to have problems. For one thing, you'll be dead a lot. ...”
Dean Smith

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