Basketball Player Concepts

Basketball Player Concepts:

General Basketball Concepts All Players Should Know

1. What are 4 offensive options for the penetrator coming off a side pick'n roll?

• Duck-in opposite post or short corner
• The screener on the roll/pop/early slip
• Weak-side spot up shooter
• Reject/split/attack ball screen for shot

2. When you are on the wing and feeding the post and your defender digs or turns their head to help , where should you cut
    and why?

• Elbow? to rim to opposite corner
• Baseline- Opposite corner or wing
• You should do this for good spacing and to create a long closeout by help defenders

3. What do you do if your defender hugs or face guards you and you don’t cut?

• Set or receive a screen or cut baseline to opposite corner

4. Where is the best position to post and why?

• Midline at the rim – gives you a great angle to make any move to the basket
• Block/1st hash mark- gives you a good angle and space for a baseline cutter

5. Where are the 5 kill boxes? (The highest percentage shots in basketball  (external link))

Low Post (Both sides)
• Elbows
• Midline

6. When you are at the top of the key with the ball and the wing is denied, how do you get them the ball?

• Draw defense, penetrate kick
• ((dribble|Dribble) at the wing for back door or hand off
Flash a player to high post for a back door cut for wing
• Dribble them through off a screen

7. What are 3 ways a defender can guard you as a cutter off a down screen and what do you do?

• If defender is locking and trailing you curl or stop cut
• If defender goes over the top of screen- fade or go back door
• If defender is denying – pop off the screen (Must lean them into screen)

8. When cutting from one post block to another, what are four ways to get open without a screen and why?

• If the defender is above you then fake high- swim move- cut low
• If the defender is blow you then fake low- swim move – cut high
• If they face guard you – duck under deny arm and push up
• If they face guard you – step into them and then spin off

9. When posting up, what are 3 ways the defender can guard you and how do you get open?

• Defense plays behind – you get in a power stance and push them under the rim
• Defense denies – you swim with your elbow and place it in their armpit – your foot should be in front of their top foot
• Defense fronts you – signal for ball reversal, step in between their legs with your legs – wedge out with your butt and seal for next pass.

10. When driving below the block where should the post step to?

• Midline
• Elbow

11. What are 3 things the point guard should always have on their mind during the game on both ends of the floor?

• The last two possessions
• The Coach’s Playbook
• What their team did the last possession on offense and defense

12. Which defenders should you read during one possession when you have the ball?

• Your defender
• Help side defender
• The persons defender who you are passing the ball to

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