page id: 234727 Tim Duncan Post Reverse Pivot Move (Video)

Basketball Reverse Pivot ( 2 Videos )

Reverse Pivot:
Stepping backward while turning on the pivot foot.

The Reverse pivot Attack Drill is a staple for any beginning basketball  (external link) player. It's one of my all time favorite drills to master the reverse pivot footwork. Working on a reverse pivot is one of the fastest ways to improve young athlete's attack skills.

Tim Duncan Post Reverse Pivot Move: NBA Basketball Moves

Today we learn the Tim Duncan post Reverse pivot basketball move. This basketball move is one that is super simple to do and gets great results! Tons of NBA players like Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and Brook Lopez all use this move to blow by their defenders. It is especially good if your defender is slow footed and react to a lot of ball fakes.

This really should be one of the first moves you master as a post player because it is ridiculously easy and effective. As always thanks so much for watching and stay tuned for big stuff!

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[1] Basketball  (external link)

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