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Basketball Spacing Offense ( Training Video )

Basketball Training Courses & Videos
Basketball Spacing Offense & Relocation by Kelvin Sampson

with Kelvin Sampson,
University of Houston Head Coach;
2018 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
2x National Coach of the Year;
former Oklahoma, Indiana and Washington State head coach;
former assistant coach with the
Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks

According to Coach Sampson, there are three things you need to be successful playing in a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basketball|basketball ] spacing offense: a point guard that can play out of pick & roll, a sprinter (the big who sets the screen), and a 4-man that can make a three.
Coach Sampson show in this training video a drills that incorporate the ideas of the spacing offense. This drill works on catching the ball on the move to improve a slower athlete's ability to attack the middle with the "beat them off the catch" concept.

Improve Basketball spacing with the "Beat Them Off The Catch" Drill by Kelvin Sampson

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[1] Basketball  (external link)

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