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Basketball Traveling Rule ( Videos )

Basketball Traveling Rule:
A breakdown of how the 2017 new FIBA travel rule might affect how you play, teach and/or officiate basketball.

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A guide to FIBA's 2017 Traveling Rule

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FIBA Rule Changes - Travelling and the '0' Step

Check out this short video on the new FIBA rule changes pertaining to traveling calls and the implementation of the control '0 Step'.

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New Traveling Rule Changes Highlights

Fans of all Euroleague Basketball  (external link) competitions will have some interesting new rule changes and interpretations to track this season that are expected to make the game more to their liking.

First and foremost, both the EuroLeague and the EuroCup have adopted the new worldwide rule on traveling that was made effective by FIBA World on October 1, 2017.

The new rule will give players who are dribbling or in motion when receiving the ball more freedom to maneuver, depending on their footwork.

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Case Study: Traveling Violation Called as a Double Dribble by the Officials

During a White Team offense, White 22 attempts to penetrate but because of defensive pressure, he passes off to White 4.

Under pressure from red 7, White 4 jumps with the ball in both hands and then drops the ball to the floor and upon landing he passes the ball to White 0.

The officials incorrectly call the violation as a double dribble, but it is a travelling rule violation.

Outcome: Incorrect call by the officials.

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