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Basketball Turnaround Jumper ( Video )

Turnaround Jumper:
A jump shot on which a basketball  (external link) player who is facing away from the basket pivots, jumps and shoots.

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How to Do a Turnaround Jump Shot

The post players are usually not the type that requires a lot of instructions when it comes to basketball shooting. In fact, how often do you find post players on the wing or on the three point territory? This is mostly because post player are on the inside defending and banging against other players and boxing them out for a chance to get a rebound. Such a position does not usually require a shooting refinement as it mostly requires power and resolve.

Not all situations require power for a post player. There are times a post player can cut in and receive a quick pass from the wing to pop in an easy 10 foot jump shot. This makes having the ability to make turnaround shot important for a post player because it can without doubt make him an offensive threat that will be hard to defend against.

A turnaround jumper depends greatly on positioning. shooting guards and power forwards have always taken advantage of this move to make a quick getaway from their defenders and pop in a shot at the same time.

The fundamentals of a turnaround jumper are actually very simple. If you are a post player, try to elevate your lead hand so your teammate on the wing will have a target. As you see the pass coming, ready you feet to receive the pass so you can pivot your inside foot as soon as you receive the ball. While pivoting, try to lower your body to lower your center of gravity to gain better balance and not travel. As soon as you are turning and setting up your legs for the jump, once your pivot is complete try to quickly execute your jump shot.

It is important to remember that when executing a turnaround jumper to always protect the ball by holding it firmly with both hands and close to your body. Try to bring the ball up only when you are ready to take the shot. It is also very important to remember that upon executing your turnaround jumper to follow your shot and attempt to go for a rebound as soon as the ball leaves your hand. In fact, there is a high chance that the bounce trajectory of the ball will be towards the shooter so it only pays to be ready for the rebound in case your shot does not go in.

The turnaround jumper is an excellent weapon when trying to get quick points. However, in order for it to be effective, you need to have a good shooting accuracy when taking this shot. To increase the percentage of your shooting accuracy, it is important to practice, practice, and practice the shot over and over until the shot becomes second nature to you.


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[1] Basketball  (external link)

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