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Blindside Screen ( Video )

Blindside Screen:
A basketball  (external link) screen set directly behind a defender where she can't see it. [1]

Also See: back screen ~ backscreen defense ~ blind screen

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Basketball Drills - Setting Screens [4] by Franklin High School' Head Boys Basketball Coach CJ Neely [5]

Read also this excellent document: How to Set a Perfect Basketball Screen  (external link) [3]

Spanish ~ Español - bloqueo ciego


100819 ~ About the Blindside Screen

The Article: Basketball Fundamentals - Setting Screens (Picks)  (external link) [2]

Deborah Volger

[1] Basketball  (external link)
[2] The Coach's Clipboard  (external link)
[3] How to Set a Perfect Basketball Screen  (external link)
[4] Foxboro Cable Access  (external link)
[5] Coach CJ Neely  (external link)

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