Defensive 3 Second Violation

Defensive 3 Second Violation:
First of all a general summary of how the basketball  (external link) defensive 3 second violation works:

Before NBA allows zone defenses, if a player was found 'camping' in the paint , while the opponent he was supposed to guard was at the 3 point line, there would be an illegal defense call. And technical shots would follow.

The rules have changed, now NBA teams are allowed to run the zone defenses. This is the instance that does not conform to a generalization, when your defense sets up, and you standing in the key, a player will not get the call if he is directly guarding the opponent, like post-up. But if that player camp in the paint for more than 3 seconds before his opponent tries to score on him, the technical is registered as a team foul, followed by a free-throw and possession .

Its like a offensive 3 in the key , but in this case the defensive player has to be on the inside an arms length while his opponent is in the key. The result that is desired in this rule is to avoid from a big man on defense 'to camp' under the basket and blow every layup .
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Spanish ~ Español - violación de los 3 segundos defensivos


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Refs only call it when the game is not still clearly defined. If is a tied close game in the fourth, no official is going to call this...

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