Herb Brown

Lets Talk defense ~ Tips, Skills and drills for Better Defensive Basketball by Herb Brown
Let's Talk Defense !
Tips, Skills & Drills
for Better Defensive Basketball
By: Herb Brown

A complete guide to coaching strategically sound defensive basketball,  (external link) complete with dozens of drills and easy-to-follow diagrams, by a coach with 40 years of professional coaching experience.

Endorsed by top NBA players, this is the essential guide for coaching defense.

"Herb Brown's experience and defensive knowledge makes 'Let's Talk Defense!' a must read for any Basketball player or coach."
Rasheed Wallace, NBA All-Star
The concepts demonstrated in his book are the same ones a great player must use when guarding some of the best players in the NBA.

Herb Brown teach us the most fundamental aspect of the game and that is 'great defense wins championships'. This book will explain the basic concepts of how it is done.

This is the essential guide for coaching defense. Loaded with drills, tips, and step-by-step diagrams. 'Let's Talk Defense!' includes: making the transition from offense to defense; out-rebounding opponents; stopping fast-break opportunities; eliminating penetration; creating havoc for the opposition and leading the opponent to concede points off turnovers..."

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Let's Talk Defense!

• Authors: Herb Brown
• Format: eBook & Book
• Paperback: 224 pages
• Publisher: McGraw-Hill
• Publisher: 1st edition ~ November 11, 2004
• eBook Edition: December, 2009
• Language: English

• Also available: In the new 2010 eBook format

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Let's Talk Defense ! Tips, Skills & Drills for Better Defensive Basketball by Herb Brown  (external link)

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