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'Iso' stands for 'isolation': is a play in which one side of the floor on the offensive end is cleared out so that one player can get given the ball and "isolated" from the rest of the team defense so that he can attack his man one-on-one . Isolations can happen in the post , on the wing , or even sometimes at the top ( you usually see that at the end of quarters, when the team goes into a spread, four-corners set so that the man at the top can break his guy down off the dribble and either take it to the rim , pull up for the jumper, or draw another defender and dish the ball. )

What is ISO and isolation in Basketball

Isolation Play in Basketball
by Charlie Zegers
Updated July 06, 2017
The isolation play is quite possibly the simplest in basketball: As teammates back away to draw their defenders as far from the ball as possible, the ball-handler tries to beat a defender one-on-one. Continue reading: http://bit.ly/2fATbH9 (external link)

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270917 ~ About the ISO

ISO is a short form for isolation, in Basketball you will use an ISO play when you are near the end of a game and you need your best player to score. Here is an explanation on how the best isolation plays work
Martin Wall

Basketball  (external link)
Basketball Play - isolation "2"  (external link)

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