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Larry Bird Cut; Basketball ( Video )

Larry Bird Cut:

This cut starts out on the perimeter and involves either a post player or a perimeter player who has the ability to post up a smaller player.

The cut starts with the player on the wing making a quick cut down towards the low block. Once you are settled where you want to post, make a quick stop with your defender tight against your body. You then pivot, sealing the defender on your backside.

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Larry Bird • Post Exit Cut for 3pt

After sealing the defender, space out to the corner for a 15-to-18 foot jumper.

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020819 ~ About the Larry Bird Cut

Danny Ainge dribbles the ball up the court and posts Larry Bird on the right block. Bird is double-teamed and kicks the ball back out to Ainge, who drives into the paint. Bird steps out beyond the three point line and his defender doesn't follow so he makes a three-point shot.

Bird even ran this play in high school, at Springs Valley in French Lick, Indiana. His coach Gary Holland did not want to pigeon-hole him as a big man and took advantage of his shooting.
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