Memphis Attack

Memphis Attack:
An offense that spreads the players to open up the lane for driving player to make a layup or kick out for a three-pointer .
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102209 ~ The Memphis Attack

The Memphis Attack is a basketball offense invented by Pepperdine Basketball Coach Vance Walberg ( 2006 / 2008 ) and popularized by University of Memphis Basketball  (external link) Coach John Calipari ( 2000 / 2009 ).

The offense focuses on spreading the offensive players in the half court set, such that the point guard can drive through the defensive gaps for a layup or dunk, or kick out to the perimeter if the defense collapses on the driving guard.

The offense is also known as the AASAA offense (i.e. attack, attack, skip, attack, attack offense ), the dribble drive motion offense , the Walberg offense , and "Princeton on steroids".
Roberto Azar

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