Movement without the Ball

Movement without the Ball:
Refers to offensive players who do not have the ball and tend to stand still. Players must always stay active even when they do not have the ball. This makes it easy for a defender to guard a player. Keeping defenders busy, makes them turn away from the ball. Defenders tend to take their eyes off the ball when the player they are guarding is constantly moving, cutting, and faking movements when they do not have the ball.

Here are some universal tips to help you move without the ball and score more points:

  • 1 ~ Set your man up before using the screen. In other words, before rubbing off a screen, take a step away from the screen and fake like you're going the other direction. Then you can rub off the screen. This will get your defender off balance and give you more space.
  • 2 ~ run off screens shoulder to shoulder. There should be no space between you and the person setting the screen. This makes it difficult for the defense to "slip" through and take away your shot.
  • 3 ~ Read the defense! One of the best skills you can learn as a player is how to read the defense. If your defender cheats over the screen, then you can flare the other direction so the defender gets stuck behind the screen. If the defender denies you the ball and overplays the passing lane, then back door them cutting hard to the basket. These are just a few examples. Learn the different ways you can read the defense. This will make you a better player!
  • 4 ~ When cutting, vary your speed. In other words, you might want to take a few steps one direction at half speed, then quickly change direction sprinting off a screen. This keeps the defense guessing and off balance.
  • 5 ~ Know where your teammates are at. This comes with experience and game awareness. The better you know your teammates and your offense, the easier it will be for you to find them and use their screens.
  • 6 ~ Never stand still for more than two seconds. If you're a great shooter, keep moving. Don't stand in one spot for more than two seconds.

We suggest that you check out this excellent video by RIP Hamilton that shows you how to move without the ball._


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Continue reading and watch the video: http://bit.ly/2id0qCp (external link)
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Video and Tips: How to Move without the Ball  (external link)

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