Offensive Basketball Drills

The Complete Handbook of Advanced Multi-Purpose Offensive Basketball drills by Burrall Paye & Patrick Paye
The Complete Handbook of Advanced
Multi-Purpose Offensive Basketball Drills
By: Burrall Paye & Patrick Paye

This book includes 143 advanced, multi-purpose offensive drills that are designed so that coaches can revise them to be appropriate for their own offensive scheme.
The basketball  (external link) drills covers eleven primary offensive goals: shooting, passing, dribbling, moves, screening, cutting, rebounding, warm-ups, fast break, press break, and half court offense.

Each drill is diagrammed and explained in detail as a conditioning drill, an individual improvement drill, and a team strategy lesson, including the length of time needed, rotations, and variations.
Although each of the 11 chapters focuses on a primary offensive goal, each specific drill is designed to also develop many other key fundamental and team aspects.
Jay Bilas, ESPN College Basketball Analyst
An easy-to-use and reference "drill finder" allows you to quickly find drills by skill and position. Ideal for veteran coaches and rookie coaches hoping to become veterans.

About the Author
Burrall Paye has been developing young basketball players' skills for more than 30 years. He is considered one of the game's best teachers.

Coach Paye enjoyed winning seasons in 36 of the 37 years that he coached. During his career he was honored as State Coach of the Year and National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association Outstanding Coach (1985).

Now retired, Coach Paye shares his expertise through his speaking and writing. He has spoken at major clinics in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. His numerous articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Scholastic Coach, Basketball Clinic , Coaching Clinic, Pro-Keds Digest, and Winning Hoops. He is the author of several books on basketball, including Playing the post (Human Kinetics, 1996).

Paye earned his master's degree in 1965 from the University of Tennessee. He is a member of the National High School Coaches Association and the Virginia High School Coaches Association. He lives in Roanoke, Virginia, with his wife, Nancy.

Burrall's son Patrick Paye is a successful coach as well. He is currently the head boys' basketball coach at Northeastern High School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Patrick has never been a part of a losing season as a player or coach in a collegiate playing career and 11 years of coaching at the college and high school levels. He has rebuilt two traditionally losing programs into playoff teams during his career as a high school coach. Patrick and his wife, Michele, reside in Grandy, North Carolina.

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The Complete Handbook of Advanced Multi-Purpose Offensive Basketball Drills

• Author: Burrall Paye & Patrick Paye
• Paperback: 211 pages
• Publisher: Coaches Choice Books
• Publishing Date: February 2008
• Language: English

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Basketball  (external link)
The Complete Handbook of Advanced Multi-Purpose Offensive Basketball Drills by Burrall Paye & Patrick Paye  (external link)

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