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Basketball Officials:
The crew chief, referee and umpire who control the basketball  (external link) game, stop and start play, and impose penalties for violations and fouls.

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Basketball Referee Instructional Video by FIBA

An instructional video produced for the Manitoba Association of Basketball officials, starring the CCMA-award winner for best performance, Dan Verville. Written, produced and edited by Patrick Faucher. [2]

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Focus on: Euroleague Basketball Officials

Meet the men who take charge of the game for the full 40 minutes every time the put their uniforms on. The Euroleague Basketball game officials make sure the games are run fair and smoothly. Hear more from some of the best in the business. [3]

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Newer Officials Must Watch: Wired Official

Purpose of this exercise:
Introduce newer officials to language and communication used: pregame W captains,
pregame with coaches,
pregame with table crew.
In game with players,
in game with partner,
in game with coaches,
in game with table crew.

As a newer official, maybe you can glean some ideas about how to communicate with partner/ table/ coaches/ players. Also note mechanics. I'll stand by just about all of it. Please ignore the walk and talk when reporting.

If you can take one or two things from the video it will have been worth it! Keep up the good work. [4]


111019 ~ About the Basketball Official

In basketball  (external link), an official (also known as a Referee) is a person who has the responsibility to enforce the rules and maintain the order of the game. The title of official also applies to the scorers and timekeepers, as well as other personnel that have an active task in maintaining the game. Basketball is regarded as among the most difficult sports to officiate due to the fast speed of play, the complexity of rules that must be followed, the unique case-specific interpretations of rules, and the instantaneous decision required.

Officials are usually referred to as referees; however, generally there is one lead referee and one or two umpires, depending on whether there is a two- or three-person crew. In the NBA, the lead official is called the crew chief and the other two officials are "referees".1 In FIBA-sanctioned play, two-man crews consist of a referee and an umpire, and three-man crews contain a referee and two umpires.

Regardless, both classes of officials have equal rights to control almost all aspects of the game. In most cases, the lead official (in FIBA, the referee) performs the jump ball to begin the contest, though NFHS and NCAA recently have allowed the referee to designate which official (referee or umpire) shall perform the jump ball. [5]
Michael Quizzman

[1] Basketball  (external link)
[2] Patrick Faucher  (external link)
[3] EuroLeague Basketball  (external link)
[4] A Better Official  (external link)
[5] The Basketball Official  (external link)

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