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On the Ball Basketball Defense ( Video )

On the Ball Basketball Defense:
Keep pressure on ball .
Turn offensive player’s shoulders and limit vision - Force them a certain way .
Get ball out of middle of floor .
Force the ball check point - where do you want to send the ball, i.e....middle, sideline, corner of the floor .
Make it hard to make an easy pass .
Good hard pressure - deflections .
Don’t get beat.
Invade the neutral space-see first page

Hoops 101 Episode 1: On ball defense with Aaron Gordon

Larry Green along with Bay Area hooper Aaron Gordon share with us their secrets in defending....anyone. Follow the series Hoops 101: Basketball Fundamentals basketball tips that will help turn your season into success! Search 'Hoops 101: Basketball Fundamentals' in Google!

"... Pressuring the player with the ball makes passing and dribbling more difficult, and increases the chances of an offensive mistake.

Individual 'On Ball' defense is comprised of three basic fundamentals: Pressuring the player with the ball; influencing a dribbler and attacking the picked up dribble. Disruptive Pressure uses simple, one syllable terms, ' ball ', ' Push ', and ' Jam ', in order to provide players with quick, mental pictures for each of these basic defensive actions. ..."

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040719 ~ About High School Basketball

In high school basketball, i am torn on what defense to teach. I know man is a good, solid selection that many coaches run, but i have purchased many dvds, supervised, and studied the 1-3-1 zone. I'M not sure I want to teach both . Also, i have read the article about being good at only a few things. Do you think I should teach this team 1-3-1 from the first day of pracice on? Or maybe stick with man?

040719 ~ About the On the ball Defense

Howard, I would teach man principles to make sure they can guard. Then, I would implement the 1-3-1 if you feel that would work for you.
I think you can teach both.
Joe Haefner

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