Pack Line Defense

Pack Line Defense:
The pack line man-to-man defense is also called a "sagging" man-to-man defense. The idea is to clog the inside, protect the paint, and prevent dribble-penetration. Instead of defenders ( whose man is one pass away ) playing on the line in denial, they will sag back inside the imaginary "pack line" .

The pack line is an imaginary line two feet inside the 3-point arc. You will usually have one defender pressuring the ball outside, and the other four defenders inside the pack line. This allows the pass on the perimeter, but closes down the gaps and prevents dribble-penetration . The prime goal , as in any defense, is to stop the ball. ( Read more > Comments )


101809 ~ About the Pack Line Defense

The pack-line defense is a variation of man-to-man defense developed by Dick Bennett for the Washington State University Cougars. Something similar has been used by Tom Izzo at Michigan State and also Sean Miller of Xavier University.

Read the complete defense analysis and the system: Basketball Defense - the Pack Line Defense (Sagging Man-to-Man ) (external link)
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