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by Prof. Roberto Azar ~ Mach 27, 2011 ~ Updated: September 15, 2012

Spanish ~ Español - Evaluación y Análisis del Pase

Have the same analysis value a close assist to a dunk than an assist for an open three pointer ? How we can get an idea of how good our players are at passing the ball which leads to a score ?

An opening statements to begin, when working with databases which are based on how often players pass the ball , you must take into account that this data doesn't qualify how good the passes are.

According to our database the percentage of passes that ended up in assists oscillates between ranges of 16.50% and 17.50% from the total number of passes, being the big men at the head of the list, what make me doubt about the value of this data.

In the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System  (external link) we calculate the player's number of passes based on his assists and not vice versa. We have not players with higher percentages - than the referred above - of assists per pass in our archives, and the differences are simply a factor of his team's game pace.

Meanwhile I prepare the second part of this article, look at this ' Pass Rating ' applied by our eBA System, which recompense the passer of a close assist and a dunk assist , because I think that passes were the principal supply to the basket:

Pass Rating = ( 3pt AST + 2pt Jump AST + ( 2 * Close AST )+ ( 4 * Dunk AST ) - ( 2 * Pass TO ) ) / ( minutes played / 40 or 48 )

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