Player Consistency

Player Consistency:
In statistics, a sequence of estimators for parameter θ0 is said to be consistent (or asymptotically consistent) if this sequence converges in probability to θ0. It means that the distributions of the estimators become more and more concentrated near the true value of the parameter being estimated, so that the probability of the estimator being arbitrarily close to θ0 converges to one.

In basketball  (external link) statistics , some players are consistent quarter-to-quarter, some game-to-game, and some season-to-season that's means, players who have seasons of similar quality year in and year out. The basketball player consistency takes into account the consistency of value, not consistency of playing style. Some players are able to change what type of player they are over their career without losing a lot of performance, so while their playing style isn't very consistent, we'd still say their value is consistent. Finally, we're talking about cumulative regular-season value, not talent or ability. Frequently-injured players may keep the same skill level every year, but it doesn't matter all that much if they can't stay in the lineup consistently. ( Read more & the Formulas > Comments )

Spanish ~ Español - consistencia del jugador


022809 ~ Measuring Consistency

To measure the basketball player consistency we use a formula introduced by Bill_James (external link) in his Gold Mine 2008:

Consistency = (Career WS - 2 * Inconsistency) / (2 * Career WS)

Where "Inconsistency" is simply the sum of the player's year-to-year changes in Win Shares (including his rookie year, where he changes from 0 WS to his rookie total, and his last season, where he goes from his final-year WS back to 0). The result is a sort of percentage, measuring how close a player is to "perfect consistency", which of course would constitute no year-to-year changes in production except in one's first and last seasons.
Brian Denver

230910 ~ Coefficient of variation

In probability theory and statistics , the coefficient of variation (CV) is a normalized measure of dispersion of a probability distribution.

For the formula go to: Coefficient of variation  (external link)
John Volger

093011 ~ A Consistency Metric

A proposal for a consistency metric is the coefficient of variation.

'Points? + Consistency' = 'Average Points' * ('Consistency'/100).

Players with stats in at least 75% of games must be included.

Game classification proposal:
25.0 - 100. ~ Exceptional
21.0 - 25.0 ~ Above average
12.9 - 21.0 ~ Average
08.9 - 12.9 ~ Below average
-100 - 08.9 ~ Poor
Roberto Azar

Basketball  (external link)
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Equilibrium Selection and Consistency  (external link)
Basketball Stats: Standard Deviation and You  (external link)
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