Statistics Abbreviations

The most common terms used in the Box Score for the Basketball  (external link) Statistics Analysis of a game, translated in 5 different languages: useful to understand the stats from newpapers or the same statistics sheet received in other than our proper language.

Spanish ~ Español - Abreviaturas de Estadísticas

5 Languages Statistics Abbreviations

Games played G Partidos jugados PJ Partite giocate PG
Minutes Min Minutos Min Minuti giocati MG
Starter Str ... ... ... ...
Periods played Prd Períodos jugados Per ... ...
quarter Q Cuartos C ... ...
Overtime OT Suplementario TS ... ...
Field Goals Made FGM Tiros convertidos Tc Tiri fatti Tf
FG Attempts FGA Tiros intentados Ti Tiri tentati Tt
Percentage FG% Porcentaje T% ... T%
Free throws FT Tiros libres TL Tiri liberi TL
Free throws made FTM TL convertidos TLc Tiri liberi fatti TLf
FT attempts FTA TL intentados TLi Tiri liberi tentati TLt
2-point made 2pM Canasta de 2 T2c Tiro da 2 fatti T2f
2-point attempt 2pA Tiro de 2 T2 Tiro da 2 T2
3-point made 3PM Canasta de 3 T3c Tiro da 3 fatti T3f
3-point attempt 3PA Tiro de 3 T3 Tiro da 3 T3
Points PTS Puntos Pt Punti Pti
Average AVG Media Med Media Med
High HI ... ... ... ...
Trend Trd Trend Trd Trend Trd
Assists AST Asistencias As Assists Ass
Personal Fouls PF Faltas personales FP Falli commessi Fc
Technical Foul TF Falta técnica FT ... ...
Rebounds REB Rebotes Reb Rimbalzi R
Offensive rebounds OFF Reb. ofensivos RO Rim. offensivi RO
Defensive rebounds DEF Reb. defensivos RD Rim. difensivi RD
Total rebounds TOT Reb. totales RT Rim. totali RT
Steals STL Balones robados? BR Palle recuperate PR
Turnovers TO Balones perdidos BP Palle perse PP
Blocked shots BLK Tapones Tap Stoppate St
Home / Away H/L Local / Visitante L/V ... ...
Win / Loss W/L Ganado / Perdido G/P ... ...

Games played G Matches joués MJ Spiele Sp
Minutes Min Minutes Min Minuten Min
Starter Str ... ... ... ...
Periods played Prd ... ... ... ...
quarter Q ... ... ... ...
Overtime OT ... ... ... ...
Field Goals Made FGM Tirs réussis Tr Zweier Erzielte Zwe
FG Attempts FGA Tentatives de tirs Tt Zweier Versuche Zwv
Percentage FG% ... ... ... ...
Free throws FT Lancer-francs TL Freiwürfe Fw
Free throws made FTM L-f réussis Lfr Freiwürfe erzielte Fwe
FT attempts FTA L-f tentatives FT Freiwürfe Versuche Fwv
2-point made 2pM Tir 2 poi nts réussis T2r Zweier Erzielte Zwe
2-point attempt 2pA Tir 2 poi nts T2 Zweier Zw
3-point made 3PM Tir 3 poi nts réussis T3r Dreier Erzielte Dre
3-point attempt 3PA Tir 3 poi nts T3 Dreier Dr
Points PTS Points Pts Punkte Pkt
Average AVG Moyenne Mo Durchschnitt Du
High HI ... ... ... ...
Trend Trd Trend Trd Trend Trd
Assists AST Passes décisives Pd Assists Ass
Personal Fouls PF Fautes FT Fouls Fo
Technical Foul TF ... ... ... ...
Rebounds REB Rebonds R Rebounds R
Offensive rebounds OFF Reb. offensifs RO Offensive rebounds OR
Defensive rebounds DEF Reb. défensifs RD Defensive rebounds DR
Total rebounds TOT Rebonds tot. RT Rebounds total TOT
Steals STL Interceptions In Ballgestole BG
Turnovers TO Balles perdues BP Ballverluste BV
Blocked shots BLK Contres Ctr Geblockte Würfe BS
Home / Away H/L ... ... ... ...
Win / Loss W/L ... ... ... ...


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