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NBA Basketball Defensive Terminology: Intense body basketball  (external link) pressure with active hands going after the ball is picked up.

Wayne Walters Swarm Defense

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Swarm Match Up Zone Defensive Concepts

with Wayne Walters, inventor of the SWARM Defense, former Head Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. One of the toughest defenses to face is the match-up zone defense. The creator of the SWARM defense, Wayne Walters, shares the foundation of his match-up zone defense and teaches you how to implement it into your arsenal using various setups and according to the level of aggressiveness you prefer. More Info & Videos

__The 10 Commandments of the Swarm Defense:_
_ 1. The defense dictates to the offense… defense is an action not a reaction.
2. We must communicate with our teammates at all times.
3. We force and stuff penetration as a team and challenge all shots…only great teams do both.
4. The open man with the ball is more important than your man without it.
5. You can never help too early or too often.
6. Hustle, blocking out and communication and taking charges are a matter of heart and desire.
7. weak side players must be ON THE LINE and post players must be in FULL FRONT.
8. We only accept aggressive mistakes.
9. Play as hard as you can for as long as you can.
10. defense creates offense and wins championships.

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Scorpion Swarm Attack 2-3 Zone Defense

with Wayne Walters, inventor of the SWARM Defense, former Head Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Wayne Walters is a master of the match-up zone and switching defenses. This presentation covers all aspects of his aggressive, half-court 2-3 zone defensive package that has more variations than an opposing offense can handle. More Info & Videos


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