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Introduction - The Basketball Analysis

A system of work
The Forms
General Abbreviations

The 1st. Section - The Game Stats

"Game Highlights" (Team's Rating Formulas)
Results Boards by Points , Quarters, Zones & Seconds
League Advantage Graph
The 3 Seconds Rule
The 24 Seconds Rule
Advantage Transitions
Statistical Summary Board
Standard Deviation (StD) Graph
Time Played
The Changes Factor
Turnovers & Steals Analysis
Assists - served, received & missed
Double Assists
Relation Assists : Wins/Losses]
Lineup Performances
Lineup Combinations
Player's & Team's Marks
Marks League Progression

The 2nd. Section - The Game Insights

Game Insight
Possession Analysis
Game Balance - Defense & Offense
Graphical Comparisons
Player's & Team's Shooting Zones
Compared Shooting Tables
Goals Evaluation
Shot Selection
Fast Break Analysis
Missed Fast Breaks Points
Opponents Fast Breaks Summary
24 Seconds Report
Scoring on 8, 16 & 24 sec. Analysis
Fouls & Free Throw Report
Groups Performances
Field Goal Range Report
Help Data for the Game Analysis

The 3rd. Section - Quarters Reports

Running Score Report
The Game in Quarters
Points & Rebounds by Quarters
1st. Quarter Reports
2nd. Quarter Reports
3rd. Quarter Reports
4th. Quarter Reports

The 4th. Section - Players Reports

The Individual Player Capsule
Complete Player's Stats
Comparison with Last Season
Whole Season & One Year Ago
Compared Player's Quarters Stats
Compared Player's 24 sec. Stats
Individual Player Lineup
Ball Handling
Compared Player's Marks

The 5th. Section - Season Reports

Season Highlights (Team's Ratings Formulas)
Compared Data between Leagues
Offensive Performance
Defensive Performance
Season Lineup Combinations
Season Ranked Groups Performance
Shooting Zones Report
Season Graphical Comparisons


I: The Formulas Section
II: The Basketball Statistics Case Studies
III: The Global eBA Basketball Encyclopedia

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