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This project was originated in the Global Basketball Directory (external link), and everyday new terms are being progressively included in this eBAwords Wiki Encyclopedia. We have over 2150 basketball terms, concepts and case studies included right now !
Keep checking back this list as terms will continually be transferred or added.
Tip: Check daily on the right column the last changes module to know which terms, documents and articles were added today !
Meanwhile reading and consulting the eBA Basketball Encyclopedia is open and free, you must be logged-in as Registered Member Editor or Publisher to submit and edit articles and terms, and read and post the comments and attachments.

Content Reference Guide

The collaborative project eBA Basketball Encyclopedia is a comprehensive coverage of the Basketball & Statistics terminology, when our three glossaries (the Stats , Rules and Game' ones') are here gathered in an ALL-IN-ONE mastering glossary with advanced features, reusable codes, insiders' tips and add-ons:

  • When available, each term is linked to the referred articles about Basketball in the Web, or the web sites related, the comments are extracted in the eBA Blogs (external link).
  • The terms are related and linked with another Basketball terms or referred zones of this Encyclopedia or the Site itself.
  • Where available, are included as attachments the Basketball Statistics Formulas related with the terms, also discussed in the Statistics eBA Forums (external link).
  • The terms packed with the new features, are bolded in green color to provide a quick resource on using and understand the Global Basketball Encyclopedia, applied as didactic material in our eBA Clinics (external link).
  • New terms are from now added here enhanced with its applicability and discussion, and copied afterward concisely on the respective Stats, Rules or Game' Glossaries located on the free access section of the site.
  • The Basketball Web Sites referred to in this Global Basketball Encyclopedia are listed and linked on the Directory from the left column menu.
  • At this moment, the Global Basketball Encyclopedia is partially globalized with the new features: this page will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION for the whole eBAstats.com ® (external link) and eBAwords.com ® (external link) future!
  • Keep checking back it as features will continually be added from today.
  • If you know an article with its link or a Web Site referred to any term that don't appears in the Global Basketball Encyclopedia, please take a moment to contact us (external link). Thanks !

Encyclopedia Editions

1st. Edition, 01/04/03 - 2nd. Edition, 05/09/04 - 3rd. Edition, 11/11/05 - Last Update, 25/02/07
4th. Edition, eBA wiki Encyclopedia, 01/05/2007 - Last Update, TODAY !

The eBA Stats.com® Team (external link)

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