Loose Ball

Loose Ball:
A 'loose ball' occurs in basketball  (external link) when neither team has possession , and the ball is ' live '. Possession goes to the team that picks up the ball first. ( Read more > Comments )

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101012 ~About the Loose Balls

This is not a question about simply the loose ball statistics , but about the basketball creative statistics analysis !

We, at the eBA want to know more than number of points... number of rebounds... number of assists... number of turnovers... Much more.

But we must be careful of most statistics given just raw numbers because they depend so much on the pace of the game. We are more interested in percentages. We always relate the most important numbers to offensive and defensive efficiency, principally based on points per possession for both our team and the opponents.

At halftime report and after the game the huge emphasis are based on points-per-possession analysis. As much as points and field-goal percentages can tell you, they can get distorted with a lot of free throws and so on. But points-per-possession gives you a much better estimation and measuring of where your team is at, both offensively and defensively.

Another number that does not show up in the box score, but is a fixed category a eBA Analysis are the deflections, to which few also puts plenty of weight. This number, is based on how many times both our defender and the opponents at defense, gets a hand, foot or any other body part on the Basketball, not resulting in a personal possession. The number of deflections gives a good idea of his team's intensity level.
Roberto Azar

101412 ~ Deflections and Dives for Loose Balls

Being blocked shot or diving on a loose ball are both actions that disrupts the other team's offense. offense, basically, is rhythm. And anything you can do to upset rhythm is not good for an offense.

Deflections or dives to a loose ball is a good defense's barometer. It's mean the defenders are active, flying around and doing good things on the defensive end. When this numbers are down, it's usually tells us about passivity.
Deflections and loose balls , like offensive and defensive percentages, are charted by the eBA analyst during a game, and 30/35 may be a good team goal per game.

About defensive and offensive rebounding effort, about what we'll refer in another topic, players are rated individually – at both ends of the floor – on how well they respond every time the ball goes up, and this analysis is determined only by means of video analysis of the game.

After each game, the eBA Basketball Analysis System Formulas  (external link) hand out evaluation reports to the team coach and to each individual player who participated.

Evaluation reports are based on the ratio of positive points – awarded for such things as big baskets, rebounds, steals, first and second assists, blocks and recovered 'loose balls' and those outstanding plays that can turn a game around – to the negative points assigned to turnovers, missed free throws and other general deficiencies.

Deflections, dives for loose balls and points per possession mean a very important feedback about those not-so-simple numbers every head coach needs to know.
Roberto Azar

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